Huawei E5331 3g Wireless Router, Exclusive Broadband And Sharing Broadband

If you want to enjoy the 3g network, or share the 3g speed at sometimes, dont wait in line, go for a 3G wireless router !

Computer generation is changing in an amazing speed, the traditional desktop computer has been unable to meet the needs people’s life in doing computers, so the portable computer has changed the way people access to the Internet, into a notebook, Tablet PC, Pocket PC portable computer age. Number of traditional computer access dial-up connections, but this style dial-up connections to pull strings really suitable for home desktop but not portable mobile Internet devices, wireless dial-up to wireless internet access via a wireless router. Can be said that the home desktop to mobile computer devices to promote the transition of the network are, in turn, said the Internet age also accelerate the upgrading of computer hardware equipment, anyway, this is chicken and egg problem. this problem is not the focus of this article. The era of wireless Internet network is now into the 3g era, although now 3g is not completely universal, but its coverage is also in an alarming rate of global growth. If your mobile computer equipment for some years, or does not have a built-in Wi-Fi, a new one does not worth it. So do not hesitate to buy a wireless 3g router, even if your computer is not up to date, not the best configuration, the same can be exclusive or share 3g high speed internet to bring piece of well-known friends the fun in the 3g wireless router. There are so many brand, such as ZTE, Huaweithis Huawei E5331 Mobile Wi-Fi is a good choice.

This external Huawei E5331 supports 3G Internet access, HSPA + the packet the data service of up to 21 M bit/s, EDGE / GPRS packet the data the service of up to 236.8 k bit / s, you can connect the Huawei E5331 Mobile Wi-Fi with the USB interface of a computer, or connect the 3G Router with the Wi-Fi. With a strong hotspot acceptance technology Wi-Fi receiverpowerful hot signal and as a hotspot to send signals. This Huawei wireless router supports both 2G and 3G, external SUB interface, plug and play is very convenient! When a person you can be alone to enjoy the happiness of the 3g speed friends around or want make 3g speed a share in close friends as long as their mobile communication devices being Wi-Fi within inside, they can receive the signals from your wireless router hotspot! Happy Sharing!

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