Iphone Touch Screen Keyboard- Tips For Using It

It is necessary for all the people to learn a particular technology after it is introduced. And most people do that. To cite an example, suppose you buy an iPhone. After you buy it, you will spend hours with the iPhone trying to get acquainted with its features, endeavoring to know the ways to use it. But you cannot learn everything just nurturing the iPhone. Thus, it is necessary for you to get tips regarding the usage of iPhones. The below paragraphs offer you tips for using your iphone touch screen keyboard.

With a feature as exclusive as the iPhone’s touch screen keyboard, there are many techniques that you are required to learn to assist you type your messages instantly. To cite an instance, when you wish to write a letter, just tap on it For example, when you want to write a letter you simply press on it. But please remain careful that the letter is not placed on the screen till you take off your finger.

The reason behind this is that it lets you rectify your errors. In case you touch the wrong letter, just rectify it by sliding your finger on the letter over to the letter you wanted to type and then take off. This implies that there is no requirement to delete your error as you possess time to rectify it.

A large number of individuals have found that the in-built automatic correction feature shows an excellent way assuring that your typing texts are always clear and precise. However, it can still perform easy to admit the wrong word. In case you have the desire to avoid performing this, then you need to learn the techniques to accept and decline recommended words. You can either press space, return or a punctuation to accept a word. To decline it, simply go on typing the word you wanted to type.

In case you type the same word two times and then press on them both, you will find that specific word automatically added to your iPhone dictionary. You need to expend a few weeks to get all the words that you frequently use into your iPhone dictionary. But once you do it, you will find the task of typing text easier.

Last but indeed not the least is to learn the technique of typing Upper and lower case characters. If you want to capitalize the initial letter of a particular word, just tap shift and then take your finger on the letter you want to type.

If your requirement is to type a full word in upper acse, just go to the settings and tap the option Enable Caps Lock. After you have done this, you will that double tap the shift key, this will take you to the caps lock mode and you will be able to enter a complete word in upper case.

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