Led Lighting Can Be Accessed Wireless Internet

LED lamp, LED display, LED lighting as an energy-saving has gradually come into our lives. But you know, through the LED light line can be connected to broadband networks, which has become a reality in the current scientific research.

Accesses wireless internet under the lighting.

A laptop computer placed under light exposure, there is no network cable connection, no wireless network card, but online video is still smooth playing.This was occurred at yesterday in semiconductor institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Why will appeared this kind of situation? It’s secret lies in the ceiling, the blue LED lights.

Network signal is through the light transmitted to the computer . Though this way, the current maximum transmission rate of the Internet can reach 2 MB per second.

In addition to connecting the networks, LED lights also serve as the commander of all kinds of household appliances. At present they have realized regulate variety of electrical switches and controls. These two technologies have been displayed in the Expo in Shanghai Aviation Museum and the Ecological Museum.

High-speed switches to transmit information. The LED light is how to though light signal to transmission network and control signal t? Experts said that LED lamp is a new lighting and traditional lighting devices, it is not only save power, but also through high-speed switching, issued modulated signal, to complete the information and instructions transmission.

Non-stop switch action will not affect the normal lighting,? the answer is no. Researchers introduced that the per-second switch speeds can even up to 200 million, the naked eye couldn’t feel.

To overcome flight Internet access problem.

Nowaday people enjoy wireless network services, they are also constantly fear that it electromagnetic waves may adversely affect the human body, and use environmentally friendly LED lighting line was able to completely eliminate this concern. No electromagnetic wave will not interfere with surrounding electronic equipment, aircraft wireless Internet problems will be resolved, even under water, the LED lights come in a bunch of lighting, can complete the network signal high-speed transmission.

Experts said that and compared with the current wireless technology, LED lighting access internet is only the potential technique. Because of its special information transmission, in the future, it will reach G per second access speed. It is understood that the United States, Japan and Europe have begun on the development of LED wireless communications technology , which may will become an important direction for future development.

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