Lightyear Wireless Review

This article will give you my expert opinion in a review of the Lightyear Wireless business opportunity.

Being a full time mlmer and trainer to the industry, I am approached almost daily with new business opportunities. Usually when people contact me with their opportunity, it’s the same old thing…ground floor opportunity, cutting-edge product, best compensation plan, etc. I just don’t have the time or interest. Statistice show that most of them won’t even make it through the first 12 months.

But, I immediately saw something unique when I looked at Lightyear Wireless. As I examined it more closely, here’s what I found.

Lightyear Wireless was founded in July 2008. The parent company, Lightyear Network Solutions, began in 1993. Their home office is an 80,000 square foot office in Louisville, KY. A member of the Better Business Bureau, they are ranked #19 in Inc. Magazine. I’m convinced the company is stable.

Wireless phones and service are their leading product. That caught my eye because wireless phones are a necessity, rather than a luxury. What makes wireless so appealing as an MLM product, is that it requires no explaining, no selling, no training of the customer. Everyone is already sold on wireless!

Lightyear offers both pre-paid wireless plans with no contract, no credit check and post-pay plans with traditional 2 year contracts. I found their pricing competitive. Ordering online is simple. They have relationships in place with both Sprint and Verizon networks. This is a credible company.

As for the business opportunity, Lightyear Wireless offers its representatives 8 streams of income. I particularly like the Fast Start Bonuses of $100 to $295 for enrolling new business partners, customer acquisition bonuses, residual income, and free wireless credits that allow reps to get their wireless service for free. Bonuses are paid weekly.

The marketing tools Lightyear provides are top-quality. I found their websites to be attractive and effective.

Whether you are a seasoned network marketer, or are just starting out, I recommend the Lightyear Wireless business opportunity.

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