Mcintosh Electronics – An Unbiased Mcintosh Review About How They Suck

McIntosh Electronics especially amps in my opinion are of the highest quality electronics known To man! In this review I will go over a little bit of history and review some of the benefits of the products as well as some downfalls. I am her to warn you that I am a bit biased as you can tell from my opening comment, however I will not hesitate to mention the downfalls of the mighty McIntosh electronics in this brief history and product review. So enough with the hubbub and here is my McIntosh review.

McIntosh electronics is known for high quality sound ever since the beginning in 1949. These electronics have been a product that is synonymous with quality and sound production like no other product on the market. Yes they has been in the business for a very long time. And yes just about everyone knows precisely who they are. Many people believed that their quality would diminish after Clarion purchased them, however this is not what happened at all. It makes sense if you think about it – why should any company in their right minds such as Clarion shell out millions of dollars just to purchase another company with a very distinguished name like McIntosh electronics just to throw it down the tubes? Of course this would never happen. Through out McIntosh history they are still making some of the best amplifiers in the world.

Now for the dreaded downfalls of the McIntosh Electronics…Oh No!! As far as this little review goes, there is none..Ha, Ha. Just kidding. Just wanted you to get a little history and now that you understand a little bit about the McIntosh history and benefits lets look into the downfalls just a bit.

When I purchased my first amp. I have to admit that it was very disappointing. With the price that I paid I was expecting to be blown away. It seemed that my speakers just started to shake more, and the clarity of the music out the window with the troublesome bass. I was almost embarrassed to show it off to my friends but I had to…Good thing I did because my buddy said, “Dude your stereo sucks!” I was furious until he went on to explain that my cheap pioneer gear was just not the quality of equipment to carry my new Amp. So reluctantly I put the old equipment back together and waited very impatiently until I could afford some better quality gear. Long story short I eventually put a proper system together and the rest they say is history. I have listened to many different systems and to me there is none better.

So in this little McIntosh review that I have drummed up I will tell you that if you want a better product you are not going to get it, however you must realize that quality gear does not like to work well with cheap stuff that can not handle the power.

For the gifted few who truly expect to have nothing but the best, there is absolutely no substitute. If you are one of the proud who expects nothing but the best sounds without distortion, and absolutely complete control of the output of sound, then there truly is no other choice. This is all that I have to say about wily McIntosh history that is presented in this little McIntosh review.

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