Memory Card Corruption due to sudden camera shut down

A memory card is used in almost all media devices. Today, a lot of compressed file formats are available to help us store more on one memory card. The point of storing data from either your camera or cell phone to the memory card is so that when the time comes, you can easily transfer the data to the system or better still, you can store the data on that tiny little device. One should always ensure to take a back-up of some sort, just in case something goes wrong. However there is no need to get crushed if no back up is available. At such times use a card recovery software to redeem your pictures.

Storing pictures, videos, etc on a computer becomes problematic for camera lovers. It’s not safe nor does it have the capacity to store all the pictures. This gives most users the notion that a memory card is the safest!

A simple instance of when a memory card gives trouble is while transferring pictures from the camera to the computer. The worst thing that can happen, is for the camera battery to run out, leading to the camera shutting down on it’s own. When you recharge the battery and reconnect the camera, you get the message saying that the card is corrupt, leaving your photos inaccessible.

The camera writes pictures and videos to the memory card. When a camera shuts down while the data is being transferred to the computer, the memory card gets corrupted due to incomplete writing of the data.

At such times most people get disheartened and give up hope. They simply accept the fact that their pictures are lost and ‘move on’ to either reformat the old card or buy a new card. This fact that corrupted pictures cannot be recovered is again a wrong notion. This can easily be done by performing a card recovery using a card recovery software. These software salvage card data by scanning the card’s drive for information. This information is not really deleted (it’s only marked as deleted) and so special tools can read it.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a reliable card recovery tool. This tool is powerful and scans and recovers pictures without causing any damage to them. It can salvage data from all sorts of memory cards; SD Cards, Flash Cards, etc. The software gives you a preview of the recoverable data.

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