Methods on How to Clear History Files on Computer

Computer records all of your computer activities like every web page you recently visited, every application you opened, and every game you played and so on. All of these records are called history. You may know that these history files can help you have a better computer experience but it also some bad sides. So today we will talk about the computer history.

Why you need to erase history files from your computer

Need to erase files from computer? Of course, you need. It is true that more history files stored on your computer will slow down your computer because they will take up quite much hard drive space which is limited. And these history files will violate individual privacy because anyone who has access to your computer can easily know what you have done, especially you share the computer with others, the privacy is much likely to be compromised. To protect your privacy and speed up computer, you should completely erase history files from your computer.

How to clear history on computer?

As Microsoft Internet Explorer users, you can remove history files by clicking the Tools menu, Internet Options, Delete Files or Delete button. Or if you would like to automatically get rid of files each time the close the browser window, you should click on the Advanced tab and check Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed under the Security section.

As Google Chrome users, to erase history, you can press CTRL + Shift + DEL to open the Clear Browsing Data Window. Or Click on the Wrench icon, and then choose Clear browsing data.

As Opera users, in order to clear history, first click on the File menu and then select Preferences, History, Empty now button. Besides, if they would like this task to occur each time they close the browser, please check Empty on exit.

Why clear history with cleaner software?

Actually, all files you remove by using the Delete button are not cleared from your computer. That is to say, every file you formerly removed still exists on your computer. So if you share your personal computer with others, or else others who can access your computer, these history files would be very dangerous. To guard your privacy, you have to permanently erase files from your computer without any chances to get them back.

Therefore, to permanently clear history on computer, it is better to use some wonderful cleaner software which can entirely delete all your history files with chance to restore them.

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