More Electronics Design And Circuit Diagrams Making Electronics Magazine More Popular

In daily life we use different kinds of gadgets that make our life easier and better secured. Most of these products are based upon electronics technology. If we go for buying these products, we may expect heavy investment. However, there are certain electronics magazines or online electronics portals that provide all the information so that you could design and develop these gadgets by self. Display of electronics design and circuit diagrams make the understanding of any device easy and fun filled activity.

Recently I went through an electronics magazine having print and online versions. The write ups about Door lock controller and Driveway Alarm are very much convincing. The presence of such write ups show that how much useful these electronics magazine are for common man. Here is the importance information about both the devices that can be used in house or at office place to feel better secured.

Door Lock Controller

Door lock controller may be utilized to run an electromagnetic door lock or an electric strike. A little electromagnetic strike opens the door. The door lock controller presented here is an easy electronic switching circuit. Its electronics design uses a low-priced unipolar Hall Effect sensor IC MH183. This CMOS switch IC incorporates advanced chop stabilization technology to give exact and stable magnetic switch points. The design, performance and specifications are optimized for solid-state switching function. The internal output transistor is switched on in presence of adequately strong south-pole magnetic field. Likewise, the output is switched off through the presence of a weaker south field. After the sensor switch detects a powerful south-pole magnetic area in its vicinity, the remaining circuit is switched on for about TEN seconds. This delay maybe adjusted. After the correct sequence of triggers is applied, the electromagnetic door lock gets operational.

Driveway Alarm

You may install Driveway Alarm inside a driveway to detect a person, vehicle or big animal. It sounds an alarm when any interruption takes place. Circuit diagram contains 2 modules: receiver and transmitter. The laser pointer is powered via the 9V DC supply available from the receiver module. Installation of receiver and transmitter modules is detailed in separate layout. Working of receiver module is very easy. In the beginning, when power is applied to the system, it is in standby mode. Once the laser beam is interrupted by an object, person or animal, the photo-sensor energizes the rest of the circuit to buzzer the sounds.

A specific section named circuit lab is especially dedicated to electronics design and circuit diagrams of commonly used devices and this feature further enhances the importance of online electronics magazines.

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