NOKIA Top the Ranking List of Green Electronics

As the electronics tycoons came to compete on the 2010 American International Consumer Electronics Exhibition held on in Las Vegas, the latest ranking list of green electronics of 2010 has come out at the same time. About the personal computers, iPod got a better rank as they brought out the product which doesnt contain the most harmful or toxic substances. And then HP followed.

SAMSUNG, DELL, LENOVO AND LG lost points due to the fact that harmful and toxic substances havent been removed. Most of the companies appeared on the Green Peace List have ever promised to remove all the PVC and BFRs in products by the end of 2009. In fact, 2010 American International Consumer Electronics Exhibition should have turned to be a green and non-toxic electronics session. However, its a great pity that most of the companies havent kept their promises. Then they put off the date to remove the harmful and toxic substances to 2011 or even some sort of longer.

According to the rank list, iPod did a good job, and HP follows. Except them, it seems that the rest companies took little actions in the work. Thats to say, both the environment and consumers are still suffering from the loss to a great extent.

This time NOKIA topped on the list with 7.3 points. Sony Ericsson, the only one which got the full marks rank to the second place. The third place was taken by Toshiba, but next time they will lose if they cant keep the promise to remove all the PVC and BFRs among the consumer electronics before April, 1, 2010. Additionally, PHILLIPS took the fourth place, and iPod ranked fifth from ninth.

HP ranked 11 from 14 due to their great efforts on power policy and power saving. Lenovo kept getting the 2.5 points as a result that they didnt finish the task in time and ranked sixteenth. SAMSUNG fell to 7th from 2nd because of the failure of removing the BFRs. SAMSUNG only managed to make the mobiles out of harmful substances, and put off the date of laptops to January, 2011, there even no exact answer about the TV and household electronics. Finally, the last one is still Nintendo.

SONY won extra points as they decreased 17% emission of the greenhouse gases between 2000 and 2008. Whats more, the ratio of using recyclable resources increased from 2.5% a year ago to 8%.

Each year about 17 thousand tons of recyclable polythene was utilized in many kinds of products. Its equal to 10% of the all used polythene in 2008. And 90% of the recyclable polythene is for the second time.

Among the 18 main manufacturers and consumer electronics factories, Microsoft and Nintendo still ranked at the end of the list. Many companies lost points because they failed to avoid using toxic substances. And rank changes took place along with it. In 2010, we should note that the personal computer and TV made great progress on the market. Any enterprises failed to reach the goal are in a kind of fight with “green idea”.

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