Planning Your Tropical Getaway Using Your iPhone

Whether you are venturing to Hawaii for the first time or the fifth, planning the perfect vacation will entail knowing the latest and greatest in terms of activities and conditions. To help you in the planning process, iPhone travel apps make it easy for you to get the information you need, right from the cell phone that already goes with you everywhere! We have four travel apps that are sure to make your Hawaiian vacation a success.

Surf’s Up!

If you like to hit the beach with your board in hand, there are travel apps to help you find the best places to catch the waves in Hawaii. Surfline is one of the best travel apps for this purpose because it features live streaming at locations around the world, as well as specific surf conditions for the beach you are headed to.

Slow Down and Smell the Kona

For those leaving the hustle and bustle of the city, Hawaii can be the perfect place to kick your feet up and relax. To make your drives around the islands less stressful, check out travel apps like Trapster that alerts you to speed traps, road construction and accidents. No iPhone travel is complete without this handy app to keep you motoring along in style.

Catch a Read

Some might take a Hawaiian vacation to catch a wave, while others are happy to simply loll away the sunny afternoons on the beach with a good book. forget loading your suitcase with paperbacks, as long as you have travel apps like Stanza that brings plenty of good reads right to your cell phone. This iPhone travel app is exceedingly easy to use and give you more than 4 million downloads right at your fingertips.

Just Go!

While these travel apps all provide a specific function, Hawaii Guide Me is your go-to iPhone travel app for everything else Hawaii. This app has everything you need to know to enjoy the islands to the fullest, including hotels, restaurants and even the best activities.

Travel apps make getting around the islands easier and much more fun. Get ready for iPhone travel with all the travel apps you need to make your Hawaiian vacation truly memorable.