Preventing Injuries And Deaths From Falls During Construction And Maintenance Of Telecommunication

The demand for professional tower climbers in the telecommunications industry is undeniable and so is the demand for top quality safety gear. The safety harness plays an important role in the tower climbers career and if you want to insure that potential injury and death from falls during installations, construction and maintenance of telecommunication towers is avoided, you need to invest in this item and other safety climbing gear.

Tower climbers will need access to top quality and safety tested equipment, as well as basic training, in order to carry out their tasks effectively and efficiently. Generally speaking, all sites are required to have a security rope available and each tower climber is required to wear a safety harness at all times when working on telecommunication towers.

What exactly is the function and purpose of the safety harness? The safety harness is where the tower climbers safety gear, ropes, lanyards and similar attach to and is therefore of vital importance.

A full body safety harness offers side D-rings which are used for work positioning. These allow the climber to attach to the tower with a work positioning strap which should always be used in pairs. These straps should only be used for positioning. The chest D-ring and dorsal ring are for the connection of follow rest devices and various rescue devices which include descenders and double leg lanyards.

A work seat can be connected to the full body safety harness to alleviate strain when working on the tower in one position for extended periods of time. These seats have their own D-ring connections. ANSI approved harnesses will also include breakaway storage rings for lanyards to be attached, on the chest straps. These are the basic functions and features of a safety harness used for climbing telecommunication towers.

At Connect IT Wireless we offer an extensive range of tower climbing safety gear for you to choose from. You can select your required full body climbing harness from our range and have complete peace of mind that our products are ANSI approved and offer corrosion resistant hardware. Simply put, you can trust our safety harnesses to keep you secured during your work on telecommunication towers.

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