Pros and Cons of Factory Unlocked iPhones

Want an iPhone but don’t know how to shop for the right handset? Well you can start by choosing between locked and factory unlocked iPhone 4S.

iPhones promise the best mobile experience but before buying one, you should first take a look at the advantages and disadvantages that factory unlocked iPhones offer to be able to make the best decision.

Here is a brief rundown of its pros and cons:

Disadvantages of a Factory Unlocked iPhone

Factory-unlocked iPhone is priced higher. Locked iPhones are subsidized by mobile carrier so these locked phones are cheaper to buy up front. Another disadvantage is the limitations on factory-unlocked iPhones. Jailbreaking the device is essential for those who want to maximize their benefits and this process may cause damages to the handset if not done correctly. This can mean added expenses because it voids the warranty of the iPhone.

Advantages of a Factory Unlocked iPhone

The main advantage of using factory-unlocked iPhone 4s is its capacity to transfer the service to another carrier without requiring one to jailbreak the phone therefore sparing it from possible damages.

The activation of factory unlocked GSM Phone on any carrier is done simply by changing the SIM card.

Factory unlocked iPhones can also be used on foreign carriers so it would be very useful even when traveling.

Based on the above comparison, it is obvious that you will get greater advantages from unlocked iPhone 4s than CDMA phones. Make the most of your Apple iPhone 5 by choosing the right device!

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