Proven Ways On How To Make My Computer Faster

Computers are interesting and are a great invention for making our daily lives easier. We need to keep them in top running condition. However, because sometimes they accumulate a lot of garbage from the internet, this will ultimately affect performance. When this happens you begin to think – why is my computer so slow? Is it possible for me to learn how to make my computer faster? Yes you can, if you can follow the steps outlined below.

Basic Steps On How To Make My Computer Faster

Clean up the disk
Uninstall programs not needed
Defragment the hard drive
Run Disk Cleanup

The next step on how to make my computer faster involves the start menu. Click on start, run, and type msconfig at the command prompt. Here is a list of all your programs that are automatically loaded when you start your computer. Make sure your anti-virus program, security programs, and important system components are enabled. Uncheck all those not needed.

The next step on how to make my computer faster. Run the full anti-spyware and anti-virus programs.

Clean up the registry by running registry cleaner. It removes clutter – all the unused files from the system – and frees up valuable hard disk space making Windows run faster. This program will correct a lot of problems your computer is experiencing that you are not even aware of. In most cases, this should solve the problem of how to make my computer faster.

In addition to the above steps on how to make my computer faster, you can upgrade your RAM. The older systems usually didn’t have enough RAM, probably less than 1 Gig. Newer systems are normally blessed with plenty of memory. Adding the high capacity of quality RAM will give an instant boost of speed to your computer. If you are updating the Ram, you should consider 5-6 Gigabytes of Memory.

If the system hasn’t sped up to your satisfaction, maybe it would be time to backup the data on your computer, reformat the hard drive, and reinstall the programs. Getting rid of old version software programs can also give your computer the lift it needs to speed up your computer.

If you have an old operating system, a newer, faster, operating system should be a consideration on how to make my computer faster. An upgraded Windows Operating System, with a bigger hard drive and processing system, will make a huge difference in how to speed up your computer. I would recommend staying away from Windows 8 as it seems to be having a ton of problems and is not getting high ratings. Windows 7 is a much better choice if that is still available. Magnetic disks degrade over time and with a small storage capacity of hard drive, will definitely hinder performance issues. In most cases, just using the registry cleaner alone will make a huge difference.

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