Review Business Desktop Computer Dell OptiPlex 990

Intel’s integrated technology has brought a lot of convenience to the public place. The most successful example is the integrated sound card, so far out of most computer users have to use separate sound card and integrated sound card, which for the sound quality is not high on the pursuit of the vast number of users, the computer can save a set of expenditures. In the integrated sound card, Intel is the world gave rise to the integrated graphics. Intel’s integrated graphics is also successful in the graphics card market share as high as 50%. In the new structure in the dell vostro 1500 battery sandy bridge, Intel integrated on the motherboard to the integrated graphics chipset in the CPU, so greatly reducing latency, improve the efficiency of integrated graphics.

Enhance the integration process has brought a higher performance, integrated processing performance improvement brought about a huge business computer Corps. Different business applications and home, can be understood as general home computer to complete the performance-oriented entertainment, office, supplemented by performance, and business computer just the opposite. Pursuit of business computer business performance is stable, and the current Intel integrated technology is the perfect match for business applications. Dell OptiPlex 990 is introduced for desktop business applications, OptiPlex 990 of matching is high, the situation of each company to follow its own matching chassis size, processor type and size of the display, etc., can be said degree of freedom is very high.

Appearance, OptiPlex 990 business atmosphere is very thick, black compact chassis can be adapted to any business site furnishings, but also will not take up too much space sony dsc-w130 battery charger. Chassis front panel mesh design adds a sense of fashion. The OptiPlex 990 business applications for not too much color or design stylish, but put more thought into the application. User-friendly handle on the chassis to carry and move, transportation is very convenient. 4 front USB and audio interface to the application will provide a lot of the convenience.

The OptiPlex 990 is positively tiny, and in fact sits as small as some nettops with much weaker processors. It weighs just 7 pounds, despite a very solid metal construction on all six sides.

The bottom front of the machine serves as an air intake, with the exhaust blown out the rear of the machine. There are no vents, holes or ports on either side, though the coolpix 3100 right side is possessed of four rubber feet in case you want to lay the system on its side.

Inside the box, you can see the internal design more compact, the only wire to block the duct was also a part of. Dell’s internal components can be seen from the humane place, fast loading and unloading of the components that the operating diagram. Set aside within the board and two PCI-E power covered the bottom of the particularly striking. The power supply for the Dell custom Shukang manufacture, maximum power 240 watts. 240 watts of power output to meet this integrated configuration to use.

OptiPlex 990 with recent architecture (Sandy Bridge) of the Intel i5 2500 processor, 32-nanometer manufacturing process, thermal design power of 95 watts, frequency 3.3GHz Core frequency up to 3.7GHZ, have 6MB of L3 cache. Meanwhile i5 2500 integrates the default frequency 850MHz, the maximum canon powershot g3 frequency of 1.1GHz dynamic graphics, Sandy Bridge integrated graphics performance than previous generations by 10% -30% of the performance. In addition, OptiPlex 990 is also equipped with two Samsung 2GB DDR3 1333 memory (optional up to 16GB of memory), 500GB 7200 Seagate hard drive (optional up to 2TB hard drive). From the overall configuration of view, this configuration in addition to some small hard drive capacity, the remaining part of the fully meet the daily office needs. And while more compact chassis, but the heat generated by the hardware power is not high, so we totally unnecessary to worry about the internal heat.

Keyboard and mouse that manufacturers include with their equipment, mostly because they’re generally not very good. The ones that Dell has started to include with their OptiPlex lineup buck the trend in a huge way. Both peripherals feel very solid and should stand up to years of repeated abuse from constant work, an important consideration in a business setting.

Dell OptiPlex 990 advantages: small footprint, user-friendly design and more office performance, the overall power consumption low. Disadvantages: hard disk toshiba pa3107u-1brs battery capacity is too small, entertainment, performance is low. Overall, the high-end business machines, Intel i5 2500 can perform competently, without and then with a higher standard of i7. Dell OptiPlex 990 small internal chassis scalability aside, if you want to add, the high-end graphics cards, internal power supply will be some weakness. Replacement power supply will cause some trouble, so cards matching Dell gives AMD HD6450 on the following products, the highest level of HD 6670 can only be specified models.

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