Sierra Wireless Aircard 313u Lte Modem

The Sierra Wireless AirCard 311U LTE modem is Sierra Wirelesss first in a family of 4G USB modems to support LTE networks-offering 100Mbps downlink speed and 50Mbps upload speed. With this Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U 4G LTE modems high speeds, and Sierra Wireless 313U 4G modem is backward compatible with Dual-Carrier HPSA+, you will increase efficiency, real-time responses, and experience smoother streaming .You can access the internet by AT&T cellular coverage for any computer with 313U LTE modem. It is possible that you can actually use Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U 4G modem in over 200 countries on LTE network. In addition, Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U 4g modem features black color and thin body and an impressive industrial design and supports for MicroSD/MicroSDHC cardup to 32GB, and this article talks about some amazing feartures of Sieria Wireless 313U LTE modem:

Access LTE and HSPA+
You know, most broadband networks today still operate under third generation or 3G/3.5G/3.75G technology networks that include GSM and CDMA. Sierra Wireless 313U 4Gmodem is completely compatible with earlier HSPA+ and its processor, so you can always access the fastest speed of 100Mbps available with Sieria Wireless 313U LTE modem and avoid multiply internet charges from hotels and Wi-Fi services with Sierra Wireless 313U LTE modem is compact and portable.

Unique Design
The 180 rotating USB hinge of Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U 4G modem makes this modem easy to use with vertical and horizontal USB ports and its unique design is built to last on and go.

Easy to Setup and Use
Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U LTE mobile broadband modem is with speedy Sierra Wireless Setup Wizard. It lets you install the Sierra Wireless AirCard Watcher software in less than 60 seconds, no CD needed-just plug and play, and with this Sierra AirCard watcher software, you can get online fast in a single click on Sierra Wireless 313U LTE modem .

Make Your Route and Location
Integrate GPS of Sieria Wireless AirCard 313U LTE modem allows you to find nearby restaurant or hotel, get directions to your next party or meeting, and find better route to avoid getting stuck in heavy traffic. Standalone GPS and A-GPS let you fix you location quickly and accurately.

High quality Connections Depends on Sierra Wireless
Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U 4G modem works with reliable mobile access from hotels, airports , customer centers, or even and cars trains, with Sierra wireless technology that offer more consistent , reliable high speed of 100Mbps in congested urban areas or tall buildings. Sierra Wireless has engaged in wireless technologies for more than 18 years and deliver products with a proven track record of reliability. Emergency service organizations and businesses with mobile field staff depend on Sierra Wireless modems such as Sierra Wireless 313U 4G modem more often than any other brand.

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