Silicon Wafers Are Used In Electronics

Silicon wafers are semiconductor devices used in many electronics today. Even though they sound like a snack, they have a very important job. They are used in making computer chips by many manufacturers. These tiny little wafers have a big job. You cannot find any electronic device anymore that does not contain one of these.

Silicon is a conductor of electricity. When altered it cannot only conduct electricity but can also be used as an insulator. The amazing thing about these wafers is that the main ingredient in them is none other than beach sand. We all know that sand acts as a conductor for lightening but that technology is also used in computer and electronic circuit boards.

The sand used to grow the wafers is monitored very closely. The sand must be kept clean and free of debris. If the process is contaminated, it can make for a faulty connection. Growing silicon wafers is done in a strictly regulated environment and handled with great care by experienced technicians.

During the thin film manufacturing process, wafers are produced in a variety of sizes and specifications. Composition includes many different things before fabrication is complete. They are then handled with care and packaged for distribution.

Wafers are cleaned with a special compound to make sure their consistency is not altered in any way. This cleaner is a weak acid so as to remove any kind of impurities or to take care of any issues caused during the sawing process. The sawing process is used to make sure they are the appropriate size needed for the application.

The different sizes are for different applications but is determined by the mechanical strength of the components. Although sizes vary, wafers are generally manufactured between 100mm and 300mm in diameter. That makes for a very tiny, yet very important piece. These parts vary in price and are dependent on size and usage.

The machinery used to manufacture these parts can cost as much as a small factory. For such a little thing, the expense is great but when they are so necessary in electronics there is no way around making them and making them correctly. Generally they are made of silicon for electronics applications, but other materials are being employed as well.

These little pieces are used in many different electronics in the world of today. Computers being the obvious but others include cell phones as well as any digital appliances. Silicon wafers are a main component in anything digital. With the conductor insulation aspect of the device a wafer must be used. They are revolutionizing the world of electronics as we know it.

The silicon wafer is also commonly referred to as an IC, chip or microchip. We see commercials everyday for microchips, computer chips and processors without even realizing what these little microdevices are. Consumers are only interested in the end device, but you should know that the silicon wafer is one of the most common, most necessary building blocks to almost any electronic device you own.

Just think, this tiny and in today’s world necessary device was discovered by accident it has changed the world of electronics as we know it.


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