Smart Mobile Wireless Introduces Unlimited Calling To Any Landline Or Mobile

Innovative mobile communications and social networking app developer releases version 1.3 of mobile communications app that now allows you unlimited calling to any landline or mobile numbers!

The team of Smart Mobile Wireless knows there are many applications on the market that are supposed to be communications apps, but the few that actually do work charge you hefty per minute charges on top of a monthly charge for their service. The goal of this forward thinking new communications company is to offer unlimited communication at the most affordable price possible, the new version 1.3 of the application is supported by Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, and Blackberry and allows for unlimited calling to anyone anywhere for only $19.95 per year!

The wait is now over! There isnt a single smart phone owner that cannot use the new communications apps from Smart Mobile Wireless to save them money on their wireless bill as well as enjoy features such as the All In One Messaging feature that puts all of your IM accounts in one location for ease of use and better management. Just the unlimited calling feature alone is worth the annual subscription upgrade, plus calls and texts between users of the apps from Smart Mouth Mobile, Smart Mobile, and Smart Mouth Kids are all unlimited and at no cost.

In addition to the everyday savings that anyone can reap from using these incredible mobile applications, those who travel for work or pleasure can save substantial amounts of money while also enjoying more freedom of communication while traveling. Imagine being able to talk to your friends and family back in the U.S. while you are traveling on a surf expedition in South and Central America or talking to your child and helping them with their homework while you are deployed in the military overseas.

If you have been researching mobile communications apps to help you reduce your wireless bill then you are going to be impressed with the new releases coming out from Smart Mobile Wireless. There is no other application on the market that can compare to the features offered with the communications apps from Smart Mobile Wireless, such as unlimited user to user calling and texting, voicemail, All-in-one-IM management, Twitter, and more with more features in development. The $19.95 annual upgrade can save you more than that with your first day of calling, in your first hour if you have friends overseas!

Download from Smart Mouth Mobile, Smart Mobile or Smart Mouth Kids Mobile today and experience true unlimited global calling while reducing your wireless expenses at the same time. You have nothing to lose, Smart Mobile Wireless believes in their products and services and backs them with a 100% money back guarantee. Go ahead, Smart Mouth me!

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