Ways to speed up computer

Are you looking to speed up a slow running computer? Alright, take a few quick minutes out of your busy day and find out what works the best to improve the performance of your computer… safely & quickly!

You see, your Windows based computer contains a section on it called the registry. The registry records all sorts of things you do on your computer. This will range from what files you’ve downloaded, removed, etc. to software you’ve installed and/or removed. This is all fine and well, except for one problem… the registry WILL become too full and/or will get corrupted with harmful viruses or spyware!

Run scheduled scans. Everyone has, or at least should have, virus protection. Viruses can tinker with the very foundations that make your computer run. Removing viruses is essential. The same goes for adware. This can be frustrating as it can degrade the performance of internet usage and can use disk space on your computer. Get an adware checker and run this scan every week.

Another option so you can get more space in your disk drive is to use the Disk Cleanup Utility. This utility is present in all Windows operating systems. All you have to do is to go to the Start menu, click on Programs, choose Accessories, System tools, and finally, Disk Cleanup. Running the Disk Cleanup will show you files and programs that are ready to be deleted. You can delete the recommended files such as temporary files and it will not affect how your computer runs. This process will help you get some disk space back and therefore increasing your PC speed.

Another major area you should clean is your registry. This causes a lot of computer slowdown due to excess files. Its a must to clean the registry in order to have efficient and smooth computer performance. You registry holds all the information from installations, updates, and upgrades. This can grow to an enormous size if you use a daily update feature for software such as antivirus programs. You can easily edit your registry by typing “regedit” into the Windows Run Command Line. This will allow you to delete individual registry lines.

However, this action is highly dangerous if you are not precise. If you make a mistake, you may seriously damage your PC and increase computer slowdown. So, proceed with caution or get a registry cleaner tool. Now that your removed unnecessary files, try to free up more resources to increase PC speed. The tutorial Ways to Increase PC Speed provides more easy to follow techniques to stop computer slowdown and improve overall performance.

As part of everyone’s computer maintenance plan, it is recommended that all computer owners perform a registry clean every month to protect against, loss of data, crashing and general slowness of the computer. Click here to see how others fixed the overall performance of their computers.

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