The importance of telecommunication and telemarketing is growing day by day. The call center agents can create a virtual call center and are flexible 24 hours a day and can respond quickly to changing business needs. Flexible and satisfactory customer service is provided by these trained call center agents who are mastered in the art of conversation, inter-personal communication, customer relationship and sales and marketing strategies. All these qualities are the basic requirement of call center agents in the telecommunication industry. Companies can minimize the risks and maximize the rewards of customer service through a multi-sourced call centers. To achieve best result in business, there should be upgrades, staffing and maintenance be sought. In the present IT industry, success in business is probably impossible to be achieved if the company has no efficient call center with trained staff hired in it. With a common efficient call center platform, the customer service availability is improved to a great extent. With a common platform, they can perform better and utilize their asset to a higher level of service with even a minimum number of staffing. But if conflicting and contradictory information is given to the customers by the outsourced agent, the customers get irritated. Today, the customer needs fast, efficient transaction. But if the call gets disconnected after the agent asks for basic questions, the customer gets annoyed. Worse happens when he has to connect the call again, either to get the required information or resolve the outstanding issues. Al l the agents possess a complete knowledge of their company’ enterprise systems and data bases. As a result the customers receive consistent answers and prompt treatment. The companies use shared knowledge, tools and applications to generate more traffic in their prospective business. Thus, in order to achieve this goal, they monitor, evaluate and coach their agents to meet service quality. Leading companies that adopt the above mentioned methods in their business strategies can gain maximum advantage through their agents as they are able to deliver excellent customer service through their contact center’s efficient management. Its an established fact that without proper management and leadership ability, the company cannot take the full advantage from their agents, who ultimately play a key role to boost up the business. There are numerous and countless business enterprises today, both in public and private sector, who largely depend on their telecommunication agent to develop their business further. The businessmen continually change their policy and strategy to gain maximum benefit out of their investment. Thus the telemarketing staff play a vital role in this respect. This industry is booming across the globe as without its existence, the IT world and its business cannot prosper. The customers are largely motivated by telecommunication which proves to be effective in getting the business to prosper. The agents have to be alert, great orator, skillful, good speaker, motivational and best communicator. Therefore, telecommunication plays a vital role in all the sectors of life for achieving success and to improve the lifestyle.


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