The Latest In Hair Growth Technology

Hairmax is an FDA-approved at-home laser device for the treatment of male androgenetic alopecia; this form of alopecia is by far the most common source of baldness in males. In order for this laser comb system to be approved by the FDA, it first had to be proven safe and effective; receiving FDA class 2 clearance is no small feat and is a testament to how well the device works. The device has a 90% success rate!

How Does it Work?

Hair growth can be divided into three stages: anagen, catagen and telogen. During the anagen stage, the hair is actively growing in length and is well connected to the dermal papilla, which is a collection of rapidly dividing cells that essentially give life to the hair. Every individual has a different set anagen stage, and this is why some individuals can grow their hair to longer lengths than others; it’s all genetic. After the anagen stage is complete, the dermal papilla recedes and the hair is still firmly rooted but no longer receiving nourishment from the cells; this is the catagen stage. The final stage is the telogen stage and this is the time where hair may begin falling out; ideally the anagen stage will begin again immediately after the hair comes out of the now dried out follicle. When the anagen stage becomes active, the dermal papilla once again provides the hair follicle with the essential nutrients and blood flow for new growth.

Baldness occurs when those follicles begin to shrink in size, leading to the growth of smaller, finer hairs. It is the size of the hair follicle that determines the width of an individual strand of hair. As the follicle gets smaller and smaller so does the hair it produces until finally the follicle is too small to support hair growth at all.

The laser comb stimulates these hair follicles from the root, reviving and restoring their original size. The laser hair growth treatments can even bring completely dormant follicles back to life thanks to the deep penetration of the laser. This is painless, yet extremely effective. Once the hair follicle is restored, the three normal phases of growth will start again.

The red laser increases blood flow to the cells which assists the rapid healing; in addition, the laser also gives energy to the cells which are believed to convert this light energy into adenosine triphosphate. With all of this new energy to use the cells rebuild the hair follicle, returning it to its original state.

How Often to Use

One of the best things about this laser comb is the frequency of weekly use; only three 10-15 minute sessions are required for optimum results. There is no need to be a slave to hair growth treatments anymore.

Positive Feedback and Before and After Results

The positive feedback for this device is astounding with men the world over raving about their results. They consistently report thicker, fuller hair due to the faithful use of the product; they also report other positive side effects such as more shine, vitality and manageability than they ever had before using the product.

Before and after images of actual laser comb users back up these claims with hair that is visibly thicker and a scalp that is much less visible than before. Macro shots of treated scalps also show increased non-vellus hair growth.

FDA Approved

The fact that this device has received FDA approval speaks volumes for its effectiveness. After clinical trials which yielded an amazing 90% success rate, the FDA approved this laser comb as a medical device safe for home use. It is approved to be marketed for male androgenetic alopecia only; however, a number of women have tried using the laser comb with excellent results.

About the Company

The parent company is Lexington International LLC based out of Boca Raton, Florida, and the Hairmax itself is manufactured in the USA under extremely strict guidelines for quality assurance. Lexington International has happy customers in over 125 countries to date.

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