The Most Dangerous Iphone Apps

There are some truly great iPhone apps, and in fact it’s largely the apps on the iPhone that make it the incredible piece of equipment that it is. Quite simply the ability to download any one of thousands of applications on the move and use it instantly taps into the wealth of human creativity and puts it there for us to use on our phone. Any programme you could think of you literally could make yourself using the iPhone development kit and then get onto the iTunes store for other people to download. The only limit on the apps that can exist then is human imagination and that has resulted in some truly amazing apps that have really helped the way we live.

However some apps are a little dangerous not necessarily for you, but certainly for the iPhone and many apps result in cracked iPhone glass and other problems if not handled with care. Such apps need to be considered for what they are and treated with caution, while meanwhile you should make sure to avoid giving your iPhone to strangers or friends (except the very most trusted) to use them.

The most dangerous iPhone apps of all probably are those that use the motion sensor in order to detect power. There are games on the iPhone marketplace that require you to swing and chop while holding the iPhone in order to play golf and see how far you could hit the ball, and to chop through boards like a karate master. These apps are designed to have you swing and thrust the iPhone as powerfully as possible and this of course results in many people accidentally letting go and literally launching their iPhone into the air. This then causes cracked iPhone glass and a range of other problems.

The problem with these apps is that the grip on the iPhone isn’t particularly effective and the design isn’t especially ergonomic. It’s not designed to grip into your hand naturally and is rather just a flat tablet with no rivets or grooves. One way you can help this though is to get an iPhone case or protector and this will slip over your phone and make it more rubbery or plastic so that it doesn’t fly out of your hand. You should also only play these apps while you’re indoors and only let your close friends and family try them.

The other kind of dangerous iPhone apps are those that you use with one hand. This results in your holding the phone in one hand while jabbing at the screen in another and this is a sure fire way to drop them. Again there are precautions you can take however for instance you shouldn’t hold the iPhone to use such apps while you’re walking or distracted and should instead only use them while you’re sitting down. This is a good lesson for using the iPhone in general as it will also stop you from walking into things or tripping over while your attention is divided.

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