The Operators Also Sends Force On October 3g Blackberry Selects Telecommunications First Into China

The Operators Also Sends Force On October 3G Blackberry Selects Telecommunications First Into China

The growth of the e-surfing users of China telecom continues to surge, October growth hit a record high, reaches 314 million, this is most quick month that telecom over CDMA network users, it also maintained a month on the growth this year increased good momentum. Sustained high growth thanks mainly to user of China telecom 3G network, lead in realize national coverage, and at the same time, China telecom widening terminal subsidies dynamics and also promoted the expansion of the e-surfing users. wang xiaochu, China telecom chairman, has said, it will make blackberry subsidies amount to 35%, and improve the subsidies as Beijing telecom even improve to 70% amount.

In china mobile and china Unicom, the development of china mobile TD has the sign of a breakthrough development, in October, China mobile’s 3G blackberry users increased 65.4 million, this is the best record since the development of 3G, reached 32.8 million in September of two times. WangJianZhou mobile chairman, said as mobile launch more TD low-end blackberry, subscribers will further growth. 3G users in October in unicom 102 million subscribers increased 1.4 billion.

By the end of October, a total number of the new mobile subscribers reached 5621.6 million this year, for users is 5.13 billion, and new subscribers in mobile communication total subscribers still occupy firmly in strong. China telecom has 4992 million mobile users, for a total of ten months before new TianYi user has reached 2201 million, but this early with China telecom set full-year growth 30 million users’ goals also has the disparity, if to achieve the intended target, the remaining two months to more than 8 million new users.

Currently, no matter ahead of China telecom or relatively backward in mobile and 3G development in unicom, are facing an obvious embarrassment, that is what to provide users with 3G what distinguishes the era of information communication products 2G. Of course, China’s 3G licensing only a year or so, in fact remains network construction optimization and basic application popularization stage. The international fashion application is impossible to 3G mainstream sterling presented to end users.

In 20 days of held the fifth China communications network operation and maintenance annual meeting, China telecom jiangsu branch network optimal center senior technical manager ZhuXiaoYan revealed: “although 3G users, but mostly is developing very fast 3G users ShangWangKa way online, rather than our most expect degrees blackberry Internet 3G.” However, although China telecom is still higher than the 3G subscribers 2G subscribers, but 3G data service flow has far more than 2gb data services flow. 3G data service flow in growth every month, meanwhile, 2gb does not increase the flow of data business, show part came to 2G data users have 3G turned nets.

And as things online, cloud computing can communication high-end technology rapid warming, fusion information applications market atmosphere more thick, this directly stimulated 3G of supernormal development, there is reason to believe that the domestic 3G on application of innovation will quickly mainstream. Also it is in this context, 3G terminal industry in the dominant on the situation of low-end phones with rapid change. Three Chinese operators in China 3G subscribers with about 500 million households pushed, after the introduction of global star smartphone is a must-win states nowadays. China telecom is accelerating and RIM of negotiations by the end of this year, is expected to happen in the early next year launched around with blackberry smartphones, with China mobile, China unicom in high-end market to compete. In addition, China telecom is with the U.S. smartphone manufacturers of such Palm to discuss cooperation.

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