Tips For Pain Free Computer Mousing

How To Use Your Computer Mouse pain-Free: 10 Tips on Pain-Free Computer Mousing and other tips:

1) The computer mouse should be at about the same level of the keyboard and positioned as closely to the keyboard as possible. Typically this can only be accomplished with the use of an ergonomic adjustable keyboard tray with sliding or tilting mouse platform. See examples on our “Ergonomic Adjustable Keyboard Tray” page.

2) Familiarize your self with the features of a computer mouse in order to select the computer mouse that best meets your computing needs. See our “Computer Mouse Features” page for more details.

3) Familiarize yourself with Ergonomic Computer Mouse Designs and follow our tips on our “How to Choose an Ergonomic Computer Mouse” page to find the best contour, shape, design and functionality that you require.

4) Avoid reaching forward, up, or out to the side when using the mouse. Position the mouse to avoid these movements, see our “Optimize Reaching Zones” page for more detail.

5) Activate the computer mouse by using small movements from the shoulder and elbow muscles rather than the wrist muscles. Larger muscles are stronger than the smaller muscles and will fatigue less quickly, thus reducing computer-related fatigue and pain.

6) Hold your computer mouse as lightly as you can while still maintaining control. Keep your fingers held loosely against buttons.

7) Do not pound mouse buttons or forcefully squeeze switches. Use only the lightest force necessary to activate controls.

8) Use a mouse that reflects your right or left handedness.

9) A keyboard station such as the
Contour RollerMouse Pro that incorporates a rollerbar mouse eliminates the need to hold your computer mouse. This product is highly recommended if you continue to have computer-related pain from mousing.
Vertical mice are good choices in order to eliminate wrist/forearm promation (palm down position) that is required with traditional computer mouse designs and can lead to wrist and elbow pain. The Evoluent Vertical Mouse is the most highly recommended Vertical Computer Mouse and the first of its kind.

10) Position your computer mouse in a more comfortable and ergonomic location by following all of our Office Ergonomic Guidelines and Posture Tips on this site.

Do not forget to stretch!!!

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