TracFone Prepaid Wireless a Great Alternative

As a cost effective counterpart to expensive post paid cell phone service TracFone prepaid wireless is fast gaining popularity. Unlike the conventional cell phone subscription TracFone prepaid wireless service does not require any service contract for subscribers and can be activated online easily. Subscription to TracFone prepaid wireless does not require any credit card verification, age verification and most importantly it spares subscribers the hassle of paying monthly bills.

TracFone prepaid wireless has a country wide network coverage and MVNO relationship with major carriers in the United States of America. TracFone can be availed from any one of the 60,000 retail outlets nationwide or can be purchased from online stores. Offering a wide collection of stylish handsets from leading manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola and LG, TracFone activation is also as easy as subscribing to it. Once TracFone is purchased simply visit their website at to activate your TracFone service. From the home page visit the activate page by clicking on the link. Follow the easy instructions on the screen and you are ready to go. To give you an easy start, TracFone offers a limited free airtime for their subscribers to use on activation. This airtime will soon expire if not used within a particular number of days.

To help subscribers control their cell phone costs TracFone not only has a reasonable airtime rate, but also offers bonus talk time. TracFone talk time balance is displayed on the screen of TracFone cell phone so subscribers can know their usage and budget their cell phone costs accordingly. Since subscribers does not have to pay any monthly bills, TracFone subscribers need to recharge their airtime to keep their cell phone service active. This can be easily done with the help of TracFone Cards available for purchase in the web as well as from TracFone retail outlets. Activating these cards are as easy as activating TracFone subscription. Simply visit their website and click on the appropriate link. In the activation page that will appear you will require to type in some information like the IMEI, TracFone number etc. TracFone airtime expires after a particular duration. This duration may vary depending on the TracFone prepaid wireless card you purchased. Subscribers are required to update their airtime before the expiry date to keep their existing TracFone cell number and airtime.

TracFone prepaid wireless service constantly strives to better serve their subscribers and make their cell phone experience a pleasant one. TracFone has a team of dedicated Customer Service personnel eager to instantly solve problems subscribers face. These TracFone professionals are available round the clock 365 days a year. So if you face any problem with your TracFone wireless prepaid service, simply pick up your land phone and give the Customer Service team a call.

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