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So you’ve got your smartphone, it’s working exceptionally well, you are now able to manage most of your business, appointments, meetings, et al over your phone. Well, I am sure you would agree with me that the makers of the iPhone have done a remarkable job for bringing this phone to us. Well, to add more to it, the developers at Apple computers have got numerous useful apps for us to use them to their potential. So let us look at a few of these very useful iPhone apps and know more about them.

Useful iPhone Apps 2011

Dragon Dictator
If you are bored of typing long emails or text messages, then this application is perfect for you. It allows you to transform your spoken words into text. Yes, all you need to do is simply speak and see you spoken words on the screen of your Apple iPhone! I find this particular application one of the most useful iPhone apps. You can send text messages with it, send emails, update your online profile, etc. Simple isn’t it.

If you want yourself to be updated with the latest business and financial news on the go, then this one’s for you. The CNNMoney application allows you to get financial news analysis, market coverage, data, etc. right on your phone.

Transport App
If you want a hassle-free transfer of files from you Mac to your iPhone, then you must get this application. The Transport App lets you to transfer files without you having to connect you iPhone to your Mac or even connecting your iPhone to the local network.

Managing PayPal account over the phone is like getting your own personalized ATM machine! With the help of PayPal’s mobile money application you can transfer or send money to your family, friends, etc. You get all of it of course with protection and security of your account. It is one of the best iPhone apps.

This application helps you to get instance information about hotels, reservations, airfares, etc. It connects you to letting you access to the best travel information. It also allows you to get access to numerous travel sites at one place.

Pandora Radio
If you want to listen to your favorite music as and when you like, this one’s for you. Pandora Radio is a must have iPhone app. All you need to do is put in the name of the artist or the song and it will stream your favorite music. It will create your own personalized station which will play your type of music.

Friends Around Me
This free iPhone application allows you to stay connected with your friends on more than one social networking websites. It allows you to send posts, share statuses on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare. All you need to do is sign in and meet you friends online, chat with them and make new friends.

FOX News
Another free iPhone application. The FOX News app allows you to keep yourself updated with breaking news, news stories, headlines, etc. from the FOX network. You can also stream live videos and even give your ear to the FOX News Radio.

The Foodspotting website has been specially designed for those who want to know which is the best place to eat near them and what is the best to eat. The list of place and foods is never ending here. It gives you the freedom to share photos of favorite foods and places where you’ve had them and also view others at the same time. It is amongst useful iPhone apps for women and men.

Free Translator
If you want web pages to be in your native language, then you must get this application. The Free Translator application will let you access to Google Translate API interface. There are numerous languages that you can translate into, like Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Serbian, Dutch, Hindi, Japanese, Danish, etc.

So this was a list of top 10 iPhone apps. You can use a few of these applications as per your likes or dislikes and know about them more. There are many other useful iPhone apps out there. Few of which are free while a few others are paid. The ones which are free are best to be used while few others which are paid are definitely worth paying for.

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