Useful Tips To Improve Android Phone Battery Life

Millions of us spend a pretty sum to have a super performance phone with a bright large display, powerful processor, lot of RAM and so on. A cut-throat competition is going on among mobile phone manufactures to make the superphones of the future with wonderful features. Unfortunately, they have not been able to give us a phone with large display and, at the same time with good battery life. One of the major complaints among Android handset users is the poor battery life of their phone. The Samsung Galaxy S II is no exception to this, even though it has one of the best battery backups found in an Android phone. Our phone might have superb features to brag off, but we are forced not to utilize and explore them all in the true sense because of battery drainage problem. For example, Nokia phone user crave to have the live wallpaper feature on the device, and Android user are lucky enough to have this feature. But how many of us lat a live wallpaper running all day? The answer is: “Hardly, a few .” The same thing goes with other things, such as live syncing, running many apps in the background, playing games, and using push mail. It is the same situation as if you got a lot of delicious dishes before you, but you are banned to enjoy. Mobile phone manufactures should do something about it. Please, do not give us phones that are worth just keeping in our pockets and experiencing the pride of being a SUPERPHONE owner. Here is a bunch of tips and tweaks that would help you to improve the battery life your Android phone and make the most of what we have. Be Up-to-date: First of all, if you want to enjoy a good battery life, always make sure that your Android phone is on the latest version of firmware. Every manufacturer tries to inject some tweaks in their latest updates to improve the overall performance of their devices. Battery life improvements is also one of them. Go for a Good Custom Firmware: There are a number of custom firmwares available for almost all Android phones. Most of them come with better battery life as compared to the stock ROMs. Choose a good custom ROM for your phone and flash it. Freeze System Processes: Samsung pre-loads quite a lot of bloatware on the Galaxy S II. While some of them are handy, some of them always run in the background and drain your phone’s battery, for no specific reason. Freezing some of these system apps will not affect your phone’s stability in anyway, and will bring about a noticeable improvement in your phone’s battery life. Here is a spreadsheet, which lists all the process that can be safely frozen on the Galaxy S II. Keep in mind that you need to have root access to freeze system processes on your phone. Brand new LC.BTP03.003 Battery, a1185 battery, A32-F3 battery with 1 year warranty. Calibrate the Battery : If you continuously flash ROMs on your Android device, or have done a hard-reset, it is recommended that you calibrate your phone’s battery once. This will definitely help in improving your phone’s battery life, and will allow the phone to make full use of the battery’s capacity. Here are the required steps to calibrate your phone’s battery: Turn off your phone. Fully Charge. When getting 100 percent signal, unplug quickly. Pull off the battery and put it anywhere. Wait for 180 seconds exactly (be careful ) Meanwhile, take this opportunity to dust off the internal compartment. Put back the battery on the right side. Turn on the phone. I have noticed a pretty substainal jump in the battery life of my Galaxy S2, by using the tips I mentioned above. It can now easily last 16-20 hours on 3G, with around 2-3 hours of phone calls, 50-60 SMSes, lots of tweeting and around 2.5-3 hours of screen on time. Turn Off GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Background Apps Don’t expect your Android phone to last a day if you always keep the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS switched on. Always make sure that the unneeded radios of the phone like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS are switched off when not in use. This will help you conserve a lot of battery. Keep using the task manager or app killer features at regular intervals to ensure that any unnecessary app is not devouring your battery life. High quality Presario CQ62 Battery, N950C Battery with low price. Display Configuration: The huge shining display is a great feast to our eyes, but it is a great enemy of the phone’s battery. Go to phone’s settings and adjust the display brightness to 30 percent. Maximum brightness means the worst battery life. One more thing, please use a static wallpaper instead of live wallpapers. Use Battery Saving Apps: There are quite a few apps on the Android Market that claim to improve the battery life of your handset. While I have not personally tried all of them, I have used a few of them and they do work. Apps like Juice Defender and Green Power, Battery Saver Pro etc. automatically turn off your phone’s data when the screen is switched off and turn it back on when the screen is turned on. This definitely helps a LOT in increasing the battery life of your handset. In fact, the battery life of my handset improved by almost 40 percent after installing Juice Defender. Sadly, there are also downsides to these apps. Since data is turned off when the screen is switched off, apps that run in the background and require data access don’t work properly. Also, your email will be synced every 15 mins (by default). There is also a possibility that these apps might not work effectively on your phone. So if you are not seeing any noticeable gain in the battery life after installing these apps, it’s better to uninstall them. Deep Sleep Mode: Every phone in this world, irrespective of its OS, has a deep sleep mode. When the phone is idle/not in use, the processor and all other components will go into a deep sleep mode, where they sip as less power as possible, and yet prevent the phone from shutting down completely. In Android, it may be possible that an app running in the background is preventing your phone from entering the Deep sleep mode by causing a wake lock. If your phone is not going to Deep sleep mode, it will hardly last you a few hours, even when its not in use. Android users can use CPU Spy to check whether their phone is going into Deep sleep mode or not. They can use BetterBatteryStats to find out which app is causing a wakelock, and is thus preventing their phone from entering into Deep Sleep mode. After finding the rogue app, users are recommended to uninstall the app.

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