Web Conferencing -The Peacocking of the Telecommunications World

For small and medium sized businesses, (especially those just starting out) it is important to look and act as professional as possible in order to be taken seriously when compared against the competitive bells and whistles of the ‘big dogs’. Large companies and those that have established a name for themselves have luxury of being able to access particular types of technology and “frills” that most other businesses do not. Thankfully,conferencing does not fall into that category.

Outside of the fancy office buildings in trendy locations and expensive three-dimensional business cards, genuinely knowledgeable small business owners realize that they get the most bang for their buck by investing in technological solutions like web conferencing.Web conferencing provides businesses of any size the ability to meet, connect, and collaborate with up to thousands of employees as well as current and potential customers – regardless of their location – with quality that rivals in-person meetings.

Web conferencing can provide any company with the best return on their investment because it increases their employee and customer reach exponentially. In fact, one of the biggest advantages of web conferencing is that it allows a business to dramatically expand its reach in areas they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to expand to. By making yourself and your staff available both vocally and visually to clients, your small and/or newly established business has the same professional, competitive image as the ‘big fish’ that have been around for years.

Unfortunately many young entrepreneurs mistake web conferencing as an outdated method of communication. This could not be further from the truth. In addition to being able to launch or attend a web conference via a desktop or laptop computer, manyweb conferencing providers now offer web conferencing applications for smartphones, tablets, and other popular portable devices. This gives you the freedom and ability to arrange either an audio conference or a web conference from literally anywhere you wish: a park, a rooftop, a restaurant – you name it.

Requirements vary depending upon the provider you select, but typically include a microphone and webcam – both of which are frequently already installed on modern computers and portable devices. And without the need for pricey phone plans or specialized equipment, more capital is freed for other aspects of your business. Who knows, maybe with all the money you save by employing aweb conferencing solutionyou’ll be able to afford those hoity-toity business cards after all!

Andy Jacobs
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