Why an Android Tablet is the Only Device College Students Need

College students often have to be extremely creative in terms of getting the tools they need; especially when those tools cost money. They are experts at living on a shoestring budget that gets the most out of their dollar. This is precisely why an Android tablet is an excellent choice for college students.

First and foremost, college students need a computer that is affordable. With Android tablet devices starting at under $275, the affordability factor is easily taken care of here. This is the main reason more and more college students are switching to an internet tablet. Android powered devices are taking a huge part of this market. In general, when students go on campus, they have access to more powerful computers in labs. Therefore, an Android internet tablet is really all they need for at-home use. Why buy something that isnt needed?

With most campuses offering free Wi-Fi throughout, an internet tablet is a viable choice to sit around the campus and get work done. No more staying cooped up in the dorm with a lonely desktop computer! Android devices effortlessly connect to public Wi-Fi spots; including the local coffee shop.

Students can also avoid expensive cell phone plans when they own an internet tablet. Android supports Skype and is a cheaper and more convenient alternative to cell phone plans. This is especially convenient for use on mini tablets that are the size of a cell phone! This provides students with the opportunity to have a phone-like device without the annoying monthly fees of a cell phone plan.

Android tablet computers also have high quality recording capabilities, which come in handy during lectures. Students now have no choice but to ace their next exam.

Perhaps the most obvious reason that college students only need an Android internet tablet is because they are super portable. Since students already have backbreaking textbooks to haul around campus, a light and portable computer is a great way to not add to the load. Now if they would switch all the textbooks to e-books, walking around campus would be effortless.

Internet tablets are truly an all-in-one wonder that is taking the college community by storm. There will be no more buying fifty different devices just to take full advantage of technology. With an Android-powered tablet, all of these functions exist in one sleek, ultra-portable device! What else could one ask for in a tablet?

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