Wireless Smoke Detectors Providing Security for Your Family and Your Home

A system of wireless smoke detectors can be easily installed in your home without any assistance from an electrician. In some cases, these wireless smoke detectors can be integrated with your home alarms system. The main benefit of a wireless smoke detector is that you dont need to run wires through your walls when installing the detectors in your house.

Using such detectors is important in house alarm systems because there are other threats aside from burglars and intruders. Fire can disrupt your life and even destroy your home, so it is important to have a fire detection system in place. Smoke detectors, especially the wireless types are both effective and economical. When purchasing smoke alarms, you should consider getting ones that can be linked together since they provide added security from smoke and fires. If a fire accident breaks out in a particular area within the house, all of the interconnected wireless smoke detectors will be activated, alerting anyone within the house of the accident and giving them time to either fight the fire or escape. An additional, but equally important, feature of interconnected wireless smoke detectors is that you can install them in unattached locations of the house such as a detached garage, workshop, or shed. If a fire breaks out in one of those areas, you will be alerted in the house.

Wireless detectors are a good idea because they avoid the inconvenience of having to drill holes in your walls to pass wiring through, and, depending on how big your house is, it may be impractical to wire the entire length of your house. If your house does not have existing fire protection, then using these interconnected wireless smoke detectors can be a practical and inexpensive way of getting that added fire protection safety. And because they are battery-operated, you can be ensured of uninterrupted protection with the absence of electricity.

Here are some important facts of a wireless smoke detection system that you should know about:

Most smoke detection units possess the “smart touch” button that is very useful in the testing of a wireless alarm system operation and stopping alarms temporarily caused by low power on batteries and false alarms.

These smoke detector systems generally have ten-year life spans, and you will also be prompted when units need replacing. If not attended to on a regular or scheduled basis, nuisance chips and flashing LEDS will surely get your attention.

In order to get the best possible system, you should familiarize yourself the different types of wireless systems that are available. A wireless system is a great alternative to the rewiring your house. They are less expensive, easier to install, and create less mess during installation. Minutes are all you need to act quickly in cases of a fire emergency, and these systems offer you that precious extra time.

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