Wireless Surround Speakers

If youre like a lot of people you dont want to run speaker wire to the back of your room for your TV. Running speaker wire requires time, money and hard work. You have to purchase the wire, cut a hole in your wall behind your TV, run the wire up the wall into the attic, figure out where you are in the attic and try to line yourself up with the spot in the wall where you want your new speakers to go. Then, you have to run a fish tape or stick down the wall and try to line up with the hole for the rear speakers, install a face plate and speaker inputs. This can take hours, a lot of sweat and its hard dirty work.

This is not the 1970s and today we have thin smart phones that can play high res multiplayer games and give you the full internet experience from your phone. Why would we possibly have to run some cable for speakers? Guess what, we dont anymore because over the last few years there have been breakthroughs in wireless technologies that enable you to place speakers all over your house or property without running speaker wire and in some cases not running power cords either.

There are a couple different ways you can setup your wireless speaker system. One of them does not include actual wireless speakers and allows you to use your existing speakers or just about any regular wired speakers on the market. They are wireless transmitter and receivers that allow you to plug in any speakers and these little modular wireless speaker conversion systems convert the sound to wireless. You simply plug one into your speaker and the other one into your receiver and you instantly have wireless speakers!

The other option you have is to purchase some dedicated wireless speakers. Typically these speakers have a transmitter base and some small speakers that run off of battery or at least a power outlet. Also, while these do produce clear quality sound, they or not geared toward competing with high end hard wire speakers in terms of music and sound quality. These speakers are more for playing some nice music around your house and are great for parties on the patio.

So if you need high end audio for your fancy home theatre system youll want to look at wireless transmitters and if you want some simple speakers you can take all around your house for party music then youll find that the typical wireless speaker systems will work perfect for you.


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