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Today, with the advancement of technology, the lifestyle has also raised. Electronic gadgets are taking a very important part in our life. But have you ever wondered what acts as a vital component for most of the gadgets! What are things that give life to these gadgets!! Answer is Operating System, which manages the hardware resources of computer. An operating system is a very important component of the system software. The functionality of an application program is completely dependent on an operating system. Android, a Linux based operating system, is a vital component of touch-screen mobile devices e.g. tablet computers, smartphones etc. Android was initially developed by Android Inc. Later it is purchased by Google in 2005. Open Handset Alliance—an association of telecommunication, software and hardware companies that are dedicated for the advancement of open standard solutions for mobile devices— unveiled android in 2007.

Android is an open source operating system whose code is released by Google under the Apache License. Thus this open source and permissible nature of android has opened a way for an unlimited development and extension of the software. This software can be modified freely by the developers and used to develop an application esp. smartphone apps and tablets apps. Android has got a vast list of developers that writes application for further extension of the functionalities of the device- that has been written in a customized version of java programming language.

Android has become an obvious choice of the developers for the development of smartphones, tablet computers. The major advantages of android that made it popular are as follows:

Open Source
Android is an open source solution whose code id released by Google under Apache License. Thus it costs free to use the code and hence developer can extent it to develop their desired application.

Android OS is flexible in nature as it can be installed on wide range of peripheral devices e.g. tablet, smartphones, PC etc.

Apps Availability
Most of the applications compatible with android operating system are free of cost, which can be downloaded and used with ease.

Stay Updated
Applications developed using android operating system keeps on updating ease with time with the help of an open source community that is dedicatedly working on optimization and support of latest modifications in application market.

Easy Tools
Linux based this operating system is easy to use and extend its functionalities.

Inbuilt Support and network integration
Inbuilt support functionality gives an ease to use the application without any extra effort. Android has inbuilt support for Flash and with a great integration of social network.

Android is free to customize operating system, Customize the widgets in the app according to wish.

Thus this feature rich solution is providing a customizable, low cost and lightweight operating system for the development of advanced application without starting the application development form the scratch. As a consequence, despite of being developed for tablets and smartphones, Android Technology is vastly used in the development of additional applications like television, game consoles and other electronics.

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