Comcast Cable Blurs Boundaries Between Different Telecommunications Services

Because most people deal with Comcast Cable only for their cable television service, the company is most associated with cable television. However, though Comcast is the nation’s leading cable television company, it also offers its customers many other telecommunications options. These include such services as phone service and high speed Internet, which are delivered in the same high quality associated with its cable programming. All of the services together create a convenient way for customers to get their basic telecommunications needs through one company.

Cable television through Comcast is renowned for its quality and selection. There are many programming package options that all offer On Demand programming, over 45 channels of digital music, and local channels. At the entry-level of programming packages, the Enhanced Cable with On Demand package offers a wide variety of channels with all of the aforementioned features and benefits. The next level is the Digital Classic programming package, which, in addition to all the features of the smaller package, also has over 200 digital television channels. At the On Demand Silver Plus package level, the selection increases even more with thirty extra channels including your selection of one of the premium movie channels like HBO, Starz, Showtime, The Movie Channel, or Cinemax. If you want another premium movie channel, the On Demand Gold package is a good choice because it offers two of these channels, plus all the benefits of the Silver level. For the movie lover who wants the most choices, the On Demand Platinum Plus level is the favored package with its inclusion of all six premium movie channels.

With any of these Comcast packages, even the entry level ones, a digital receiver is also included. The fact that only digital receivers and programming are offered ensures the best quality television and the most convenience for the viewer. Digital television is worlds ahead of analog television in terms of the features it can offer and the quality of the viewing experience. With digital cable, features like interactive on-screen program guides and Parental Controls allow viewers to have the most control over their television. Combined with the improved resolution and sound quality, it is clear that offering only digital television sets Comcast apart from other cable providers.

In addition to its cable television offering, Comcast is an attractive service provider because of its telephone services and high speed Internet. Comcast is an especially attractive choice for telephone service because it eliminates all the extra charges inherent in normal telephone service. For one low monthly bill, you can get unlimited local and long distance, plus features like call waiting, voice mail, and Caller ID.

Cable’s Broadband cable Internet service is also a great choice for high speed Internet access. Download speeds can be over 100 times as fast as a dial up connection, making it easy and quick to get information and entertainment online. Especially for data-intensive downloads, like music and videos, broadband Internet service is extremely important as dial-up connections often take hours to complete even relatively small downloads. Comcast’s broadband Internet also has the advantage of keeping your computers continuously online without tying up your telephone line. This ensures the maximum convenience and ease of use for online interactions and eliminates the fear of missing important phone calls while being online.

With a wide variety of services and many benefits, Comcast is a good choice for a cable company to consolidate all your entertainment and telecommunications needs. The current Comcast promotions are terrific. It is time to switch to the best cable company with the best cable deals.

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