How Much You Understand The Wireless Ip Camera

Your home is being used to Wireless Ip Camera or store of your friend or in a hotel inside a mall; you have to see the Wireless Ip Camera figure. The Wireless IP Camera is a very common in our lives you can often see it, but how much you understand the wireless IP camera?

The first centralized Wireless IP camera was released in 1996 by Axis Communications. It was called the Axis Net eye 200 and was developed by the team of Martin Green and Carl-Axel Alma. It used a custom web server internal to the camera. In late 1999, the company started using embedded Linux to operate its cameras. Axis also released documentation for its low-level API called “VAPIX”, which builds on the open standards of HTTP and real time streaming protocol (RTSP). This open architecture was intended to encourage third-party software manufacturers to develop compatible management and recording software.

The first decentralized Wireless IP camera was released in 1999 by Mooted. The camera’s Linux system contained video, alarm and recording management functionality, thus the camera system did not require licensed video management software to manage the recording, event and video management.

The first Wireless IP camera with onboard video content analytics (VCA) was released in 2005 by Intaglio. This camera was capable to detect a number of different events, such as object was stolen, human crosses a line, human entered a predefined zone, car goes wrong way.

In later times more is a Wifi IP Security Camera and technical requirements are higher.
A wireless IP camera is a standalone device that connects directly to a wireless local area network (LAN) to provide real-time video that can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Once the camera is connected, users can view live video feeds from any web browser or mobile device. While most wireless IP cameras are used for security purposes, they can also be used to keep an eye on children and pets at home or employees in an office. Basic wireless IP cameras constitute an affordable, easy-to-use and real-time surveillance solution for both residences and small businesses. Before purchasing your Wireless IP Cameras, its best to understand the specifications. New specifications have been added to the IP Cameras. Specifications to consider include the lens, resolution, light sensitivity, and dynamic range. Each of Wireless Security Camera you should understand clearly before you want to purchase it.
Whether before you do not know the Wireless IP Camera but reading this article I believe that it has been a deeper understanding and awareness to you, so you have like to Wireless IP Camera more and more?
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