Economical Solutions Of Low Volume Pcb Assembly Service In Bittele Electronics

Low volume PCB assembly refers to small amount of circuit board productions with Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Testing (DFT) techniques. Bittele Electronics provides turnkey service in low volume printed circuit board assemblies. Its available service offers final product assembly, electronic parts acquisition and fabrication of PCB.
The technique of Design for Manufacturing is recommended for low volume circuit board assemblies. Bittele Electronics is equipped with the ability to evaluate the submitted design specifications of customers for any potential engineering issues in schematic diagrams, assembly drawings, circuit diagrams, Bill of Materials and Gerber file formats. It will offer customers the necessary assistance in the process of assembling circuit boards and will also deal with panelizing the printed circuit boards to a reduced price just by being their turnkey service provider. It also suggests the application of solder mask opening in order to acquire the maximum yield rate capacity and to avoid solder bridging. A solder that bridges two conductors may result in an electrical short circuit. A comprehensive evaluation of the customers electronic component items and printed circuit board data will also be performed before placing an order. This process ensures that customers are provided with the precise quality of electronic components in order to prevent them from wasting their money and time.
Bittele Electronics proposes that Design for Testing method is ideal for designing tasks of circuits and also for low volume circuit board fabrication. It provides customers with the readily available automated limit testing application note, different styles of fixtures and several probe units that can support their circuit design and assembly tasks. It will also allow customers to use its specialized guidelines that will teach them how to accurately allocate different test points through the printed circuit board after evaluating their test methods. It is also capable of carrying out the customers test criteria by means of adhering to their troubleshooting principles, diagnostic analysis and related citations in order to achieve an entirely tested circuit board.
The board PCB assembly service in Bittele Electronics is offered in several ways and provides undisruptive result. Its turnkey service is designed to inspect that the entire printed circuit board products are electrically and electronically tested. This process secures the electronic components. It can also provide customers with a small amount of constructed printed circuit boards for testing purposes before it manufactures the entire printed circuit board design. It will also make the X-ray inspection available to customers to be able to verify the quality of assembling leadless components and BGA. It is also equipped with the ability to settle any potential assembly problems before product delivery.
A decrease in price for low volume PCB assembly service in Bittele Electronics is genuinely tackled. It provides a reduction in price by purchasing component numbers from major retailers and picking out volumes of components in order to get the minimum price. It has solid affiliation with major retailers from USA and other nations that are able to provide the finest electronic component products. It ensures that customers will receive premium shipment, cost and quality of its turnkey service.

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