Electronics Positive And Negative Impacts On Our Lives

Electronics devices are ubiquitous in our lives. Nearly all of our working spots and living houses have TVs, computers, wired phone, cell phone, cameras, MP3/MP4 and so many more. They make our lives become easier, more wonderful and more deluxe than before. Positive impacts of these gadgets are obvious to any of us. For example:

* Electronics simplify the complexity of many manufacturing process and household work or take place of human beings to perform some risk tasks.
* The transport systems become much better, safer and more environment-friendly today as electronic devices help improve functionality, avoid accident and reduce pollution.
* The advent of computers makes the whole world transform, especially in the communication, research, working, demonstration, and investigation.
* Digital cameras, camcorders, TVs, photo frames, etc. help us get rid of the traditional way to enjoy precious memories and relive our important moments.
* Cell phones have expanded the horizons of communication. They have become part of our lives.
* Portable audio and video devices like MP4 and portable DVDs help kill our time.
* Information is more accessible and could be transferred at seconds because of the popularity of internet.
* Many more

It seems that our lives are occupied with electronics devices. Electronics advantages are visible. But its negative impacts could not be neglected.

* Chic illness has appeared because over frequently use of modern devices. Mobile phone elbow will trouble people who like to make long-time call. People who like to play games for a long time might suffer from Playstation palm. Hearing-loss rate is 10% higher for people who listen to audio devices over an hour per day than those who don’t.
* Advanced technology allows us to entertain ourselves and handle our office work at any time via the tiniest windows like smart phones, netbooks, PDA, iPad and laptops. However, we sacrifice our brain downtime which enables us to quickly learn and accept knowledge, efficiently remember stuff and have creative ideas.
* Teenagers or kids who have bad self-discipline are easily affected by the wonder of computers, video games, chat tools and so on.
* Many of us have become half robots as we are over dependent on electronics.

Once we become addicted to something, we are destroying ourselves. Electronics are awesome if we use them appropriately.

Author: admin