Tools And Technologies Used For Android Application Development

Android has conquered the mobile apps development market and there are a number of companies who are coming ahead to offer mobile apps development services. These companies offer android apps development services as a part of mobile apps development. The popularity of Android is growing day by day because of the fact that it is an open source platform. Mobile apps developers are trying to make optimum utilization of the mobile platform. Many of the new mobile apps development companies depend on free development tools and technologies. Various application development companies provide Android based development projects in order to meet the demands of the customers.

Android apps developers use Java language chiefly through the Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A). It is used regularly for writing applications in Python, Perl and other environments. With the introduction of Android 2.3 and Android 4.0, the android apps developers get an opportunity to begin development of android applications using Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR technologies.

For easing the application development process, Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is provided. The developers hired for the Android apps development process are also provided with the environment for writing, testing and debugging mobile applications. The Eclipse IDE enables a quick and easy Android application development process. It can be customized with the help of the Android Development Tools Plugin which thus helps in improving the quality and quantity of Android mobile applications.

With the help of Android Emulator, testing and debugging process become easy. Using Android device-emulators, android apps developers create an environment which simulates the features of the operating system as well as the mobile devices. Android application developers use the Android framework APIs and to avail of a number of C/C++ libraries. The libraries include System C library, SQlite, SGL graphics engine, 3D libraries and some others technologies.
Mobile application developers who offer android apps development services can sell their mobile solutions in the Android market. They can even market the applications they have made, using a website. Android marketplace is an application store launched by Google for the distribution of Android based applications. The applications are made and distributed by developers across the world. The store now has more than 200,000 Android applications. This shows that it is the second to the iOS and is quickly gaining popularity.

With time the android platform has gradually expanded its arena in the mobile application development market. There is increasing number of companies offering android apps development services. When businesses outsource their android apps development projects to offshore Android apps development companies they gain the advantage of competitive prices. Businesses can increase their profits and reduce marketing costs with the use of applications. These applications help them in promoting their business while being ahead of their competitors.
Android application development companies hire a team of skilled and experienced android apps developers who develop apps for many platforms that suit their business needs. These developers customize their solutions according to the requirements and expectations stated by the clients. Some of the companies also help in the promotion and marketing of the application.

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