Five Bike Gadgets Everyone Should Have

If there’s one thing we all have in common, it is our love for gadgets. We love gizmos that make our lives easier. And if you’re a bicycle rider, some gadgets are more than just convenient. Here are some items that no bike rider should be without.

The extra items you put on your bicycle will depend on how you ride your bike. Are you a hard-core rider, going on trails for hours at a time? Or do you just ride for an hour here and there at a leisurely pace?

1. Bike Rack for your Car

Unless you always ride from home for short distances, you will most likely want to ride in different locations, and you need to be able to get your bicycle there. A bike rack is the perfect solution. Keep in mind that if you like to ride with others, you should get a rack that can accommodate more than one bicycle at a time. This is also handy if you like to compete and need to carry an extra bike in case problems come up. When shopping for a rack, look for one that holds the bike with minimal movement of the handlebars and wheels. And don’t forget that if you get a rack for the top of your car, be careful going through underpasses or tunnels.

2. Computer

Some may think this is excessive, but it really is a handy tool to have if you want to track how far you have ridden. A bike computer can keep track of speed, mileage, elapsed time of the trip, and clock time, among other things. Some computers are more sophisticated than others and track more things.

3. Water Bottle

A lot of bicycles come with this automatically, but if yours doesn’t have one, you should definitely add it. The first time you go for a hard ride and are thirsty, you’ll be glad you have it.

4. Bicycle Pedal Clips

Pedal clips are great for keeping your foot from sliding off the pedal. It may seem to a newbie bike rider that it is more dangerous because if you have to stop, you must first remove your feet from the clips before touching down. But they really do give your feet a rest during a long ride.

5. Panniers

Panniers are just a fancy name for bike bags. They can carry all kinds of needed items. For example, you can put in them snacks, an extra jacket just in case bad weather comes up, a phone, first aid kit, and tools for emergency repairs. And having a bag attached to your bike is much safer than wearing a backpack or purse that can slide around and make you unbalanced as you ride. Using panniers leaves you free to concentrate on the ride.

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