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When meet Kent Lau again, he is no longer a Skirmisher on eBay and Amazon as who he was a few years ago but an excellent CEO of BrilliantStore, a company who concentrates on developing the overseas market. In 2011, the operating income of the web shop was up to $15 million.
Kent Lau immigrant to the US in an early year and backed to Shenzhen later to start E-commerce. He earned his first pot of gold by selling laptop batteries and small household appliances by stores online. Anyhow, he earns his good money actually by selling kinds of “knockoff” consumer electronics. In 2088, Kent constantly came across sale’s volume drop of laptop battery and he was so worry. But soon after that, he realized that big profit margins still existing on the present hot international B2C business due to his sharp commercial awareness. He decisively started his B2C web shop – by dealing in more than 50 thousand kinds of Discount Consumer Electronics that made in Shenzhen. Finally, Kent caught the last bus of earning good money by B2C. Let’s take a look at BrilliantStore, see what kinds of products does it sale to gain such a big profit. To you surprise, what BrilliantStore sale are only some 3C peripheral equipments that are”made in Shenzhen”, and some of them even named as “knockoff”. However, in such a commercial environment in pursuing profits, the followers surge once there is a winner. So a great number of B2C web shops in large size or small size come out one by another. These web shops provide different price, quality and after sale’s service. While some of them even the trickster. Soon after this, the reputation of “Made in Shenzhen” becomes more and more worse and consumers abroad become more and more captious. Profits from B2C at present are far behind it was in the past. So does BrilliantStore. Its profits have been dropping sharply. Kent at this moment is thinking about a change and pursue new ideas to maintain profits, because he keep in mind that selling the cheap, copy electronics gadgets is no longer a good method continue the business. A brand new operating pattern of B2C should be figured out.
Kent Lau has been making preparation to expand China Brand Electronics. BrilliantStore becomes the agency of many 3C brand products like Huawei, Zhong Xing, BYD and so on. The famous brand, the good service, the high quality products have replaced the departed low price products, replicate products and no after sale service. BrilliantStore today has got on the right track and it develops very fast. It has established cooperative relationship with thousands of the network distributors and becomes their regular Dropship supplier. It possesses high reputation among the dropshippers. So far, Brilliantistore has improved and perfected its warehouse in the US, thus customers can receive the products as soon as they place the order.
In 2011, Shenzhen strikes the attention of the world and show great resplendence by successfully holding the World University Games, which is known as “Little Olympics. But in this great moment, the electronics market comes across sharp slowdown. Kent Lau now clear one thing – the traditional foreign trade is changing. The international trade is as a matter of fact developing constantly from the departed big order mode to small order, the retailing business and the high frequency deals. It is no doubt that BrilliantStore will finally go on a way combining “Made in China”,”Brand of China” and globalized distribution.
As regard to the marketing, Brilliantistore fasten its speed. Since the August 2010, BrilliantStore had been developing advanced marketing methods like EDM, SEM, SEO, Affiliate Program, Forum, Social media, Comparison shopping and so on. In this year, CRM also be added to the marketing methods to stick up the existing customers’ informativeness and the tackiness.
At present, 90% products in BrilliantStore are 3Cproducts. Computer and cell phone accessories, video games and Apple products compose the main sale volume of BrilliantStore.Now, BrilliantStore possesses 11 main category and 30 thousand kinds of goods. Among these goods, Apple products take up 4000 kinds. Thus BrilliantStore is surely one of the strongest electronics supplies who have the most completed list of Apple accessories. People also suggest BrilliantStore engage in the other line when the traditional trade meet the difficulty, but BrilliantStore firmly resist the short-lived lure and stoutly insist concentrate on 3G consumer electronics, because BrilliantStore believes it can be one of the most competitive companies in the electronics world some day after it reach its layout. According to Kent, the average operating income of BrilliantStore each month now is up to 1 million dollar.
The challenge is much fierce when B2C web shops relying on brand products other then the low price products. “B2C web shops used to attract customers by low price. Now the advantage of low price tend to be nothingness if it going to sale Product Brands. Providing the number visits is maintaining, the Return rate, the Conversion rate and the Profit margins may still going to be lower than before. So we have so many things to do.” Said Kent Lau.Other outstanding BtoC shops in Shenzhen like Lightinthebox, Chinavasion, DealExtreme, etc are also getting start to make change from the departed rough growing up by selling cheap consumer electronics to the present experienced and matured online shops. These E-commerce magnates will carry forward the resplendence of Shenzhen’s electronics market and keep on providing great products in available price to the electronics customers all over the world.Article Source:

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