Recommended Epabx Systems for Enhancing Telecommunication in India

Business sector has developed and simplified over the years. Now it is not bound to one place or city or nation but includes different countries as a whole. To serve this global purpose, Telecom industry offers more improved telephones range for businesses. This superior telephony feature phones range has become very famous among the entrepreneurs. One such phone is Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange (Epabx).

This advanced range is considered ideal for connecting internal telephones over single IP based office network. This telephone connection helps in efficient handling of all valuable incoming calls. These are one of the breakthrough inventions in the innovations in the telecommunication products industry. The cutting edge technology applied here allow easy transfer of incoming calls to their right departments in the same building. The inbuilt voice system guide users best and support hassle free application operation. Its answering machine can be personalized by the users as per their respective company requirements.

The phone endures automated call routing, transfer and redirect like features. These special traits are just brilliant and facilitate in efficient handling of calls. Another renowned feature of dynamic call barring or control helps in locking personal extension to allow local and stop external calls. This provision is useful in avoiding any kind of misuse of phone.

This advanced technology telephony enables in maintaining all call records. There is also option for keeping a check on all expenses incurred for telephone calls. Callers and users are comforted with exclusive automated direct outward as well as direct inward dialing features. A number of epabx dealers in India and world-wide provide competence compliance range for both business and domestic use.

Inclusion of music has made the system as well as work more entertaining. Here users are provided with a single number for playing customized Interactive voice response (IVR) that allow callers listen music when put on hold. The facility of automated digital screen enables users see last call details that includes conversation part with phone number. This way it assists users to maintain phone directory online that has complete information of the customers. There is also option for inserting remarks and call logging & its charge in the device.

Availability of import and print features for getting all telephone reports in MS Word or MS Excel format assist in analysis and scrutiny. Hence it becomes a significant Telecom industry solution that alone manages, monitors and controls all business phone calls. At present voice solution Siemens are renowned for offering original product from reputed IT products companies to all customers in India online. These innovative technologies build strong customer-supplier and manufacturer-business partner relationship over single IP network.

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