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Custom engraving has been popular for years for various items such as corporate gifts, awards and personalized wedding gifts. Now, this process has a new market, engraving electronics. Technology has created new gadgets that many people own and now there is the option of having them personalized. Phones and iPods are popular gifts so it makes perfect sense to be able to customize these gifts to mean more to the recipient. Engraving uses the process of a laser to etch away at glass or metal resulting in desired words, letters or logos showing on the object.

Engraving corporate gifts is a large part of this type of business. Custom engraving makes perfect gifts for office co-workers, employees and bosses. Laser engraving produces professional awards as well as small items such as metal name tags. Companies can also use this process for gifts for holidays, company picnics, or for a company anniversary. Holiday ornaments, coffee mugs and frames can all be engraved to show employee appreciation. Having glassware etched is a great way to show thought behind a personal gift. Ideas for glassware are etched wine glasses as a wedding gift, champagne glasses as a holiday or new years gift or simply engraving initials on your own beer glasses to add to your bar at home.

The latest trend in custom engraving is to engrave small electronic products such as iPhones and iPods. Initials can surely be added, but thinking more “outside of the box,” a favorite phrase or sports team name or logo can be added. An example for a great electronic engraving gift would be for someone to give their significant other an iPod with their favorite song engraved on it. The ideas and possibilities are endless and make a little electronic device a special gift, not just the popular gift of the year. The laser does not disturb the electronics of the product.

Many people relate custom engraving to wedding gifts and corporate gifts but there are many occasions that are just as perfect for such gifts. Mothers Day, Fathers Day, birth of children and graduations are perfect occasions to use custom engraving. Any gift to a spouse for just “being them” is another way to use this process to show how much you care. Perfect Etch, a company based in Austin, Texas (& available online) customizes metal, glass and electronics. They can be the answer to making your own items or your gifts more meaningful.

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