Singapore Telecommunications Business Setup

To set up a Telecommunications business requires several licenses and permits. But the first couple of things you will have to do are:

1. Register your business first with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA). Your business must register as a sole proprietorship, partnership or a private limited company. A private limited company is the best option given the liabilities involved in a storage and warehousing business.
2. Secure a premise for your business. The premise has to be zoned for commercial use.

Securing a Premise

Once you have secured a space, do make sure that it is current on building codes and fire safety measures. Any major renovation of the premise requires an application for a building work permit through Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA). When the building works are complete, you will also need to obtain from BCA: a Certificate of Statutory Completion and/or a Temporary Occupation Permit before you can occupy the space. All renovation works are to be performed by certified or licensed contractors including architects. A business signage that is to be placed on the building will require an application of an Advertisement License from BCA.

Occupational Safety and Health Division at Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will also have to approve the premise to ensure that it is a safe workplace. You will also need a Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) prior to occupying the building. You can obtain an FSC from Singapore Civil Defense Force through a registered architect or engineer.
Telecommunications Licenses

All telecommunications that involves providing networks for internet, mobile and paging services will require a Facilities-based Operator License from Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). If your business also provides prepaid calling and audiotex will require an additional license from IDA called the Services-Based Operator License.

IDA also issues licenses for the import and sale of approved and non-approved telecommunications devices. If you wish to import and distribute telecommunications devices you will need a Telecommunications Dealers (Class) License. Selling of secondhand telecommunications devices and dealing with trade-ins are required to obtain a Secondhand Goods Dealers License from the Singapore Police Force.
You may choose to import telecommunications devices to sell in Singapore, and therefore you will have to register with the Singapore Customs. You will need to activate your customs account using ACRA assigned Unique Entity Number (UEN) and Singpass. For more information on Singapore Customs and importing goods into Singapore, please see our article on To Apply for License and Permits to Import Goods into Singapore

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