Technology Should Not Replace Personal Customer Relations

We are living in a competitive world. Dealing with competition in business is not as easy as many people think. It involves implementing strategies designed to out-flank competitors while providing the best in customer service. Business etiquette training will help employees learn techniques that will be good for the business, themselves and customers. Employees need to understand that the customer is the lifeblood of the business. Here are tips to improve customer relations. p>

1. Patience

Patience is actually a core value that every support employee should have if they are to completely understand what a customer needs. For instance, some customers may come to a support employee frustrated. In this case the employee has to exercise the art of patience in order to understand why the customer is upset and take the time to fully understand the issue and calmly assure the customer that they will help find a resolution.

2. Attentiveness

An attentive employee will uncover the finer details of what a customer has to say. For this reason employees need to be careful about their facial expressions, body language and the words the customer uses to express their feelings. In any business, understanding the customer is a great achievement and can be attained through paying close attention to what they have to say.

3. Clear communication skills

Good communication is essential in any transaction. Employees need competent communication skills to facilitate mutual understanding. Etiquette training increases their capabilities and will improve customer satisfaction and the business bottom line.

4. Knowledge of the product

Knowledge is power. Employees must be trained to fully and accurately answer customers product or service questions. If they are are not sure bring someone into the conversation quickly. Do not try to fudge, customers can tell and that does not build confidence.

5. Acting skills

There will be times when customers are upset. How well or poorly this is handled could be the difference between a customer for life or one who may spread bad comments about the business. Of course, there will be that one nagging customer who will always complain regardless of how hard you try to satisfy him or her. Again, patience is key here too.

6. Time management skills

Time is a precious commodity and should be spent wisely. Remember that time wasted can never be recovered. Whereas it is advisable to spend time with customers, one should not overdo that . If you need assistance, get someone as quickly as possible to assist.

In conclusion, effective business etiquette training is essential for the success of each and every business. We are living in a technological world. However technology should not be used to substitute the customer support staff. Customers need what is real and thus employees need to acquire the required skills and etiquette to serve them better.

Marcy Breault is the founder of The Protocol and Etiquette School, Maggie Valley, NC. To learn more about protocol and etiquette training and classes visit

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