Telecommunication and crime

The more we develop, the more insecurity is erupting. >

The telecommunication system has digitalized the world; on the other hand, it has promoted crimes in society. Various crimes have misused the technological advancement of telecommunication services. Some criminal activities can be depicted as:

a)Theft of telecommunications services:

People steal telecommunication devices like phones, SIM cards, Broadband internet connections, and other devices. Theft is itself a crime while some criminals steal such things to attempt criminal activities on the identity of others. The aim is to attempt the criminal acts in the mane of others.

b) Use of telecommunication devices to perform criminal acts:

The telecom devices and best broadband connections play a very important role in performing an anti-social activity like drug and human trafficking, women and girls trafficking, prostitution, terrorist activities etc. The equipment is used to message and contact the other criminal groups.

c) Threat to individuals:

Cheap videos are uploaded to degrade respect of particular, especially girls, fake id’s are created to trap innocents, fraudulent prize offerings are made etc.

d) Loss of intellectual property: The innovations of someone are copyrighted by some other. The smart pirates perform such activities.

e) Misleading activities:

In many cases the telecommunication devices are used to promote anti-social tendencies or ideologies like Racism.

d) Electronic money laundering:

A large amount of black money is placed from one nation to another or one account to another by electronic laundering.

f) Frauds by telemarketing units:

Fake pitch for promoting products and fraudulent phony charitable solicitations, complains are regularly posted.

g) Electronic transaction:

Personal transactions are intercepted and diverted and sometimes, following attractive links by customer end up into transfer of account details to the fake link operators.

Many other criminal activities are performed by the criminals. Telecommunication companies like VTLECOM have already propounded strong measures to combat crime. Besides, it is the duty of every individual to be conscious and report the local authority in case of any suspicion. Serious and organized criminals prefer telecommunication devices, to facilitate their illegal act. Countering computer-based and technology enabled crime, has become a key priority for the Australian, state and territory governments. The threat is to be combated, in terms of national security and law enforcement.

Some measures to combat the crimes are depicted below, for individual to support the security department of nation:

An individual should, safeguard all account details hard copies, never share your confidential pins, details, etc, inform police in case of any suspicion. Never accept any offering, and unknown request. Always perform monetary function on safe zones or sites, prefer the home site of products. Delete useless e-mails from accounts.

Such measures may help in safeguarding oneself from getting trapped in criminal activities as well as will help in lessening the crime.

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