To Become A Computer Skills Guru, You May Need A Computer Of Your Own

This requirement is important but not compulsory, i.e. without it, you can still make progress (if your trainer gives you enough access to his equipment It is good that you own a computer of your own (though not compulsory), but if you can afford it, then you will do well to have it. It is good that you own a computer of your own. You need a computer of your own because it will be ever accessible to you, you will use it any and every time you want. You see, using the computer, especially when it is your own, is very interesting. When you are working on your own, even without a trainer, you find yourself learning, in fact, you find yourself learning a lot. Well, this may not be evident the very first time you sit on a system, but as you increase your frequency on the system, you will begin to see that most of the time, the computer is self-explanatory, it is user-friendly. Most novices dont know this (and we trainers hide it as a secret) but I tell you it is true. Most of the programmes (software) we used on the computer are made to be user-friendly by the designers, and this is what you find when you have a ready access to a computer by virtue of having one for yourself.

Talking about owning a system of your own, it could be a desktop or a laptop. Any of the two is good enough. Now, I hear some saying “where do you want me to get the money to buy a computer? Is it as easy or cheap as that?” well, for not much, you can get very good systems that will serve you either for personal, home or office purposes. Well, if you cant buy a laptop, you can get a desktop, if you cant go for the DualCore, go for Pentium M, Pentium IV, Pentium III (I dont usually recommend Pentium II, it is behind the modern world, there are software you may need in future that it may not take).

I know any of the above must be within the capacity of anyone reading this article, if you cant buy a brand new, you can buy a fairly-used, that is the way it is. Now for those who love the cozy feel of owning a laptop, you can get good fairly-used (as good as new) of any configuration of your choice.

Why have I taken so much time and space to point out all these? Like I told you, it is all about you and the need to show you that owning your system which is important for becoming a guru is well within your reach.

At this is point, I have showed you three simple conditions for becoming a guru on the computer.
You need to be able to read and write
You need a computer of your own (though not compulsory)
I know for most of you, these two simple conditions are very much within your capacity. But what if you cant afford a computer of your own? You can still become a guru.
Let me mention three routes you can use to becoming a guru on the computer.
3 Routes to Becoming a Computer Skills Guru
Register with a trainer
Train yourself
Acquire tutorial software
You can use any one, combine any two, or all of these three routes. Actually, these three routes have experimented, proven and mastered by others learners and as full fledged trainers with verifyable results to show.

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