The iPhone 5s – Bringing the Future to the Present

The amazing new iPhone 5s is the latest offering from Apple, renowned for the innovation and design that has driven their iPhone series from strength to strength. The iPhone 5s continues in this strong tradition of excellence, piling improvements to its predecessor in another step of Smartphone evolution. As Apple’s tag line for the new product has it, the iPhone 5s is ‘forward thinking’, an example of a phone where every inch of hardware and every byte of software has been carefully considered and purposefully engineered towards a cohesive design goal.

Like all iPhones, the Apple iPhone 5s is a thing of minimalist beauty. What’s notable is that the original iPhone had already managed to pack a whole set of powerful hardware into such a very thin, lightweight whole, and the 5s makes some serious steps forwards over its predecessor but doesn’t add so much as an ounce of weight. The iPhone 5s remains lightweight and slim; a wonderfully compact and compressed device for what it offers the user. In fact, from the outside, you’d be forgiven for finding little difference at all between the 5 and the 5s, as both keep the same arrangement of ports, buttons and so forth.

But despite the outward similarities, you’ll soon find how different the iPhone 5s is from the earlier model. First up, there’s the fingerprint sensor. It may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but the 5s has made it quite real. Once the sensor is keyed to your fingerprint, then that’s the new passcode to access it – no need for you to struggle to remember complex numbers yourself, and utterly secure if it falls into someone else’s hands. For those whose phones are shared among friends, family or colleagues, the 5s can be keyed to multiple fingerprints at once. This is a massive step forwards in smartphone security that also saves you time – just press your finger on the touchpad and let the phone do the checking for you.

And that’s not all. The iPhone 5s Smartphone goes beyond security upgrades and gives the old 5 design a serious boost in processing power. Amazingly, the 5s actually makes use of a 64-bit processor, the first Smartphone to ever do so – that’s the power of a desktop computer’s processor, wrapped in the sleek package of an iPhone. The effect that this has on the 5s in terms of graphical power is incredible, and it’s accompanied by advancement in the form of the M7 processor. The M7 is hugely efficient at tracking all the info that your iPhone picks up during use – physical movement, GPS tracking and so forth – and shoulders the burden of processing all that data in a really effective way that keeps power usage low. It saves on battery life and will keep your iPhone 5s going strong for longer.

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