Tips For Using Your iPhone Hands Free In Your Car

Almost everyone has an iPhone these days. People like them because of the functionality and how they are integrated with other Apple products to make them quite universal within the brand. Mac fans everywhere love their iPhones and use them almost religiously. With the variety of applications you can download for it, combined with taking phone calls and text messaging, you might never want to put your iPhone down. However, when you are doing something important and dangerous like driving, you really should be using your iPhone hands free. Its the safest way to do it, but how should you get that feature available on your iPhone?

There are a variety of hands free products you can choose when you are looking to use your iPhone hands free. Some are better options than others depending on your circumstances. The biggest factor for most people is cost. Some of the Bluetooth headsets that you see in stores can be over a hundred dollars or even more. With so many people looking for an alternative with better value, is it any surprise that a product like Jupiter Jack has become available as an option? On the official website, the Jupiter Jack costs just ten dollars and you get two of them for that price. According to the makers, it is something that gives you a hands free device for your iPhone, but without the high costs associated with other products.

The Jupiter Jack makes your iPhone hands free by utilizing an FM signal, which then transmits the signal from your phone to the stereo system of your vehicle through your FM radio. In turn, this bypasses your need to actually hold your phone up to your ear while you are driving. Not only does this make it much safer for you to be driving, but it also makes it more convenient for you to take calls without having to constantly mess around with your phone. It also makes it easy to share a conversation with someone else who is also in your vehicle with you.

Making your iPhone hands free is really easy and convenient with the Jupiter Jack. It is a very tiny device, which plugs into the headphone port in your iPhone. It is about the size of a thumb and is an attractive black and red in color. It includes adapters that will allow it to work with any phone and in any vehicle. Making your phone hands free has never been easier or as inexpensive as it is now. It does use a battery, which his included with your purchase, as well as a mount when you buy from the official website.

The Jupiter Jack uses simple FM radio technology to work. You hear the sound emitting from the speakers in your vehicle. The Jupiter Jack does not, however, have a built in microphone. You will need to use the microphone on your cell phone to speak with the people you are on a phone call with. The Jupiter Jack makes your iPhone hands free quite simply and it is very easy to install.

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