Tracker App of iPhone Victimised An Innocent Resident

With ever increasing number of smartphones in usage, it is definitely now the turn of app that a person has in its device to provide the edge over other users. Apple has definitely one of the most savoured apps in its quiver. Adding to the glory, iPhone has become the number one device for apps to be used upon. However, this incidence is surely going to dent the credibility of certain apps, not necessarily that you bought from the genuine vendor, of course. Last night, Nottingham, England police department got clues of stolen iPhone, through the tracker app loaded in the device. Following the clue, they barged in the house of the resident but could find no trace of the Apple phone.

In the process the innocent victim, whose house was barged in, suffered a loss due to damage of his door. Till now, the name and the vendor of the erring iPhone app have not been revealed. But possessing numbers of apps as a sign of modernity is surely to face a challenge with this incident. Then, there have been several incidences, where the tracker app has come handy and the devices have been recovered. But this is not true for this case. Moreover, the Nottingham police department is reluctant in paying out the damages for the door to the innocent resident as they claim that they have enough reasons to take out this task, other than erring signal from the installed tracker of the said device.

With so many apps coming out in the market for all sorts of devices, be it Apple phones, Android devices or Blackberry phones, incidences like these serve as an example to take caution in using the app from authentic vendors.

Even after all this drama the stolen Apple device in question remains untraceable but raising a very important question of authenticity of the data that these tracker apps blare out. Then, until and unless the device is found and the vendor of the erring app is ascertained, no one can be held guilty for the above trouble to the innocent resident. However, all of these certainly do not convey that using apps is risky, but it certainly says that using not so genuine apps can be troublesome. But there are some great apps as well, in fact this article is being written and posted using an iPad app.

Author: admin