Video Recording Available In Electronics With Playback Option

In todays advanced society the variety of goods and other equipments has increased to altogether a new height. New electronic systems and latest equipments, gadgets and tools are filling up the spaces in the market and are getting popular amongst people. It has all been possible because of the rapid growth of the latest technology which has created revelation in the society. Things were not the same few years back, as technology had its own limits and boundaries. Not many electronic gadgets were to be seen as new inventions were hard to come by. Manufacturers today have left no stone unturned to deliver excellence through their product and to remain ahead of others in the competition. But the main life of the electronics is its inner parts which gives power to the gadgets for better performance.

The new and latest Voice record playback systems have been intelligently and careful made in order to fit the perfect requirement of the consumer ensuring perfection and durability. It has a capacity to record a 20 second message from either the on-board mic, or the line in. It is a fully assembled and tested module which has features including

It has a built in Audio amplifier with 720mW 4 ohm speaker output, with an adjustable volume.

It can play back once or looped.

The audio chip has 100 year message retention without a power supply which makes this gadget different and outstanding than others.

It is well equipped with screw terminal connector for speakers, line out and line in.

Has a dimension of 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches, of an inch high or 6 cm x 8 cm 20 mm high, and

2.1 mm barrel type power plug center positive and the board can easily operate over a wide range of voltage from 9 to 15 VDC.

The innovative and latest Stepper motor driver kit is a best in class offering a long life to the particular electronic or gadget. It is also known as a Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver with easily adjustable current control up to 2A, it is based on the SGS-Thompson L297 and L298 stepper motor controller and driver ICs. This Chopper driver has a switching on and off current which allows a set current to flow to the coils and not be dependent on the voltage of the power supply. The Chopper Driver also allows the use of higher voltage power supplies to overcome the effects of the inductance of the coils resulting in better performance and a higher top speed.

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