Wireless Doorbell Is It Right For Your Home

The Wireless Doorbell has proven to be a great tool for many homeowners. Although it is a relatively new invention, it has had a dramatic effect on the doorbell industry. Many homeowners have wrestled with the decision of whether to add it to their home. Here is a list of some of its advantages and disadvantages:

1. No wires makes for easy installation and portability.
A wireless doorbell does not have wires. This means installation is as simple as removing the old wired doorbell and putting in the batteries to the wireless doorbell. Also, no wires means the wireless doorbell can be moved on a whim. This can be very helpful when undergoing remodeling projects or trying to find a better range strength.

2. Wireless Doorbells are more versatile than Wired Doorbells.
Wireless Doorbells work great in places where wired doorbells are not allowed or cannot work. Not surprisingly, wireless doorbells are a hit with apartment and those who live in leased homes. This is because they get a quality doorbell that they can keep in compliance with the landlord and even take the doorbell with them when they move. This is great versatility. Also, wireless doorbells work in homes that cant use regular wiring for a wired doorbell.

3. Range Limits are expanding to even larger limits.
One knock on early wireless doorbells were their limited ranges. However, this issue has been addressed by more powerful transmitters. Regular versions of wireless doorbells will be adequate for most homes. However, for homes that are multi-floored or are simply quite large, long range wireless doorbells have been made. These doorbells have ranges that extend well beyond the basic regular range and provide quality sound as well.

4. Competitively priced compared to wired doorbell systems.
One of the most compelling benefits of a wireless doorbell is that they are competitively priced with wired doorbells. You can reasonably expect to pay only $5 or $10 more for a similar model. This is great news for those of fears that anything electronic must mean expensive.

5. Signal Interference is an issue with cheaper models.
Another problem with some wireless doorbells is signal interference. Unfortunately, for cheaper wireless doorbell models, they will sometimes go off accidentally when triggered by some other wireless device. This could be anything from a neighbors garage door opener, car alarm, or another wireless doorbell. The good news is the more moderately priced and higher end wireless doorbells have multiple frequencies which allow you to block out any signal interference.

Although the wireless doorbell is not perfect, many people have found it to be exactly what they are looking for in terms of performance quality and functionality.

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