Wireless Enterprise Solutions – Eliminate Low Or No Signal Problems On Your Cell Phone Effortlessly

Imagine arriving for a business meeting at a facility where your cell phone signal is extremely low or not present at all. Such a situation would surely affect your decisions when choosing future meeting locations or conference sites, as business today simply does not function in the absence of cellular signals. This is where a cell phone signal booster comes into the picture. This innovative device is simple in concept but complex regarding its specific capabilities. More commonly known as a Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) they are engineered to vastly improve cell phone signals in poor coverage areas, and along with proper system design will not disturb other cellular phones or towers. BDAs use existing cell phone signals found outside a facility, then distributes that signal indoors having no coverage. A cell phone signal booster may use a relatively simple, small array of coax fed antennas, or may use a complex active Distributed Antenna System (DAS) depending on factors such as size and shape of the building. Even though a cell phone signal booster is a key component in any system, the indoor antenna system is equally critical to assure that the in building wireless signals arrive to the cell-phone just as clean as if the user were outside.

Gone are the days when you struggle to find a sweet spot or get near a window to reliably use your cell phone. Properly designed DAS solutions can provide full bars almost everywhere you need your cell phone. The cell phone booster is the basic building block needed to gather outdoor signals, whether 2G through 4G, then repeat those signals to indoor coverage areas. Properly designed distributed antenna systems can deliver signals from multiple BDAs supporting multiple frequency bands and multiple wireless service providers simultaneously. Such wireless solutions take advantage of signals from various directions using multiple cell phone towers.

Any system using a cell phone booster must be carefully designed as it uses frequencies that are licensed for use by cellular service providers and can cause great harm unless used correctly. Such mistakes can bring trouble with both the license owners and FCC, so care must be taken to use a trusted and capable system integrator. This is especially true for vendor-neutral systems where multiple air-interfaces are required and capable of supporting any user with voice or data. Lets face it; a phone without signal is useless. A cell phone booster can transform expensive paper-weights into profit producing tools. Dont frustrate, or worse yet lose another client due to weak signal and dropped calls. A cell phone booster, or possibly multiple boosters, with a properly designed Distributed Antenna System can bridge the cellular wireless gap, providing the critical wireless infrastructure that every business needs to compete in todays fast moving information driven economy!

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